Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby 4 Week 35: Bending is Lame

Week 35

I have found the cure to feeling uncomfortably pregnant and it's lifting super heavy shit at the gym and not bending ever for any reason. This week I found that if I abide by these two rules, I feel awesome. Last week I didn't feel awesome, I felt big and puffy and not all the way like a person. This week I went to BodyPump 4 times, felt awesome (and looked pretty awesome, I think weight lifting pregnant women are the coolest) and after a long car trip that involved constantly trying to twist and bend to care for kids or pick a sippy up off the floor for the bazillionth time, I have decided I just don't bend now. I have tiny close to the ground minions to pick stuff up and I can squat very comfortably if necessary. But fuck bending, it's lame.

I saw my midwife this week. Everything looks good! I'm measuring exactly right on and baby is measuring a little big, around 5-5.5lbs... but about on track for a 9 pound baby at 40 weeks which is about what we have expected all along. I've gained 5 pounds total from my pregnancy weight and I'm totally comfortable with that. I'm really going to have to discipline myself here on out though because all I want is sugar, and I know that 5 pounds could easily become 25 over the next 5 weeks. Especially if I do things like buy a package of candy cane Milanos and eat half all of them before I even get home.

This is empty. They were amazing. Nothing like this has ever happened before.
Milanos are my favorite, but I've actually never bought them, only wait until I'm somewhere that they also are, like at a party... then it's like totally normal and casual and not like I'm obsessed... but I couldn't resist candy cane. No more of that though.

I feel like I just talk about working out and eating. That sentence was supposed to segue into all of the other things also happening with this pregnancy... and then I couldn't think of anything. Mild heartburn, occasionally painful round ligament pain, occasional leg cramps, lots of contractions, baby hangs out on my left side and kicks my right side with his or her hard little feet, moderate amount of food obsessing. And I think that's it!

I'll actually be 36 weeks in a few days, maybe I'll post that update on time.

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- Cori

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