Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baby 4 Week 31: Tub of Blood

New blue hair, first shot at blue since 2006 when I turned my
neck and ears blue but not my hair. Glad I tried again!
Week 31

Eric was laid off last week so that means we are getting a lot done. We expected him to get laid off two weeks ago so the extra paychecks were nice. We are racing to finish crown molding and base boards then we will rip out the bathroom.

Having Eric home means I get to go to the gym a lot more. I've gotten five really good workouts in five days in a row, which is amazing. People at the gym are finally consistently noticing that I'm pregnant... though yesterday I had an instructor who I honestly think didn't know I was pregnant and not just unfortunately shaped. So in a group weight class if someone is doing something wrong usually the instructor just reminds the group, instead of calling someone out. I usually skim the room via the mirror to see who is fucking up. Well having a huge belly, I cannot properly do a dead row with a barbell. This is a dead row:

A dead row... only I do this with hella weight... HELLA!
Bar goes to your belly button. I know this, but my belly button is getting closer and closer to my knees so the movement it pretty worthless at this point, so I take the bar to my lower chest. I checked this modification with another instructor and he said it was fine, move my hands out farther on the bar... no prob. This instructor said over and over "To the belly button, not lower chest." I looked around, pretty sure it was directed at me. I finally just complied, which is bullshit because that means I basically didn't work my back at all.

When we get to abs, I usually just quietly put my stuff away unless abs are all upright, and they usually aren't. Yesterday this instructor said several times to the group "if your back hurts or something and you just don't think you can do abs on the floor, just do planks!" I'm the only one not doing abs... then she starts twisting back and forth doing side planks saying "then do this, you know, get those obliques!" Maybe this was a general suggestion... but I'll be annoyed just in case.

Things I'm into: rice, eating a whole bag of sugar snap pea frozen stir fry in one sitting (usually with rice), rice cakes still (especially the chocolate ones which I'm not longer allowed to buy after I ate a whole package of them in a day), decaf coffee with lots of cinnamon, dripping food on my belly, super hot showers as often as possible, not wearing clothes as often as possible, super cute baby kicks.

Things I'm not into: all vegetables except raw carrots and sugar snap pea frozen stir fry, staying up past 10pm, bending for any reason (I left dropped items on the floor of Target four times yesterday), getting up to pee 3-4 times in the night, sex... which is very disappointing and not like me and despite feeling really good about my body.

I've been wanting to write about my thoughts on birth and pubic hair for a while... maybe I'll write about that next week...

Oh before I wrap this up I saw my midwife yesterday. For the first time I think I am measuring right on instead of on the big side, which is great. We covered some of my concerns with the birth... which are really just what can we do to avoid my birth involving me sitting in a tub of blood... because I'm not super into that. Considering that I don't expect to tear, getting out of the tub before the placenta detaches should hopefully help me avoid the blood tub. I'm not overly concerned, I'll probably be really into my new baby... but there is a little part of me that thinks I would look down and think "this is gross, get me out of here." I really don't have many other concerns. I can answer a lot of questions that I think first time home birthers would have... I know when we might need to transfer, what a transfer would be like, what a midwife brings... etc. So now I can focus on things like... what will I wear and how will I do my hair :)

Pubic hair post next week... get ready for it.

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