Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby 4 Week 28: One of Our Kids is in There

Week 28

This pregnancy continues to be delightful. I know the next couple months will go quickly so I'm trying to enjoy it. It's still shocking to feel and see baby kick and move around. I like to freak out Eric by reminding him that one of our kids is in there, and it'll be out in as soon as 10 weeks (Ash was!).

I admit I was not as excited to meet Indy. We definitely wanted another baby, but Ash had been such a hard baby, I was content with letting Indy stay inside where he was nice and quiet for as long as he wanted... until 41 weeks... then I started to get a little nervous. But nine days later Indy was finally born and he was such a sweet little newborn. I try to not say "good baby" because that implies there are bad babies... and there aren't... babies are different just like adults are... he still woke in the night and wanted to be held most of the time, but everything was so much easier. Maybe it's because I was better at mothering him. No one ever says anything about that, but I think you do get better at mothering your babies the more you have. What felt like a big deal with your first is barely a blip on your mommy radar with your third, and I'm assuming that's why mothers of larger families can do it... they just get better at it. At least that's how I feel... I suppose some women will be really hard on themselves for every baby... which sounds awful...

My point is that having Indy made me realize that I have no idea who this baby is. I expected Ash to sleep six hours straight at a time like Milo did, and I expected Indy to eat every 90 minutes for months like Ash did. I don't know this baby, but I know I have the skills or the ability to learn whatever I need to meet his or her needs. That realization takes off so much pressure, and I think is one reason why I'm able to just fully enjoy this pregnancy and this growing baby. I have never felt the need to post "Moms of four... how do you survive!? What's difference from three to four???" I'm just looking forward to meeting another one of our kids.

Twenty eight weeks is kinda one of my favorite weeks... so I thought we should do another belly compare.

28 weeks with baby 4

28 weeks with Indiana

28 weeks with Ashley

27 weeks with Milo

I think I pretty much covered how I feel about this pregnancy... and how the pregnancy actually feels is still pretty good too. Heartburn is stupid and I'm definitely slowing down a little... though not enough to not be planning a family vacation to Texas and Disneyland this month and also a bathroom remodel for this month or next month. 

I'm starting to gain weight which I knew would happen eventually... but I just don't like it. I'm up to 198... which is still only 6 pounds gained... I just hate going over 200... and I don't want to start rabidly gaining 2-3 pounds a week like I have in other pregnancies. At this point with Milo I was 212, with Ash 208 and Indy 209... and gained pretty rapidly until I gave birth. My concern is all associated with gestational diabetes... not vanity... in case anyone didn't know. I know I'll lose the weight after, but how much I gain seems to reflect how well my blood sugar is controlled. I am making sure to make more time for the gym this week, and I'll be checking my blood sugar much more often now. Just 10-12 weeks to go... I've got this.

What this week was like with my other pregnancies:
                    Milo, Week 28: The Job You Can't Quit
                    Ash, Week 28: Win/Fail/Win
                    Indy, Week 28: AKA The Diabetes Week


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