Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby 4 Week 27: The Cake Drought

Week 27

I'm not that awesome with stuff like, what month I'm in, when a trimester begins... etc... I actually just found out today that I'm in my third trimester now! 

I find charts like this helpful, and I do have to consult them every pregnancy because I forget.

I thought I had another week... but it makes sense, because my pregnancy felt more... there... this week. 

I had a couple days where I was really hungry, like I could not stop eating. I ate healthy stuff, whole wheat toast, kefir, greek yogurt, nuts... but I just felt gross and huge and I really wanted cake... I feel like I'm in a tragic cake drought.... and brownies... the cake and brownie drought of 2014. Also obsessed with coffee... decaf of course, but I'm not a coffee drinker and now I want it all the time. Maybe coffee makes you want cake.

I decided a run would make me feel better. Only a couple blocks in I was seriously tempted to fall on my side on someone's lawn. I felt strong, I had the energy, but my whole uterus totally cramped up. Not a contraction, it was the ligaments I think. It hurt and sucked... so I walked a while... then ran again... then walked off the agony... then ran... walked... and actually after like a mile I could run for a while without pain... but there's no denying that running is mostly off for the pregnancy. I still have my weights and elliptical. I was a little annoyed that the BodyPump teacher was all "Oh you are pregnant?" when I asked her how I could modify chest presses. I overall feel better now that I did during my bingey days earlier in the week.

I did have crazy acid reflux one night, but just one night. It was the kind where you feel like you are drowning, exactly like week 27 with Milo. Hasn't happened since that one night. Apparently that's how I start third trimesters.

My official second trimester gains were 4 pounds, but I still haven't gained back what I lost in the first trimester. I'm measuring 28 weeks, so pretty much right on. All very good news... come on normal sized baby!!!

I saw my midwife this week, and it was lovely (she's probably reading this). No it really was though. Baby and I are doing great in all areas, blood sugar, blood pressure, growth. Right now the biggest concern my midwife has is my blood pressure because I've had some high readings, but I was good this week and I really think it's going to be ok. I feel really good about everything... except cake.

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