Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baby 4 Week 26: The Shortest Week of the Longest Fucking Days Ever

Week 26

Sometimes there's a week on my calendar that I know is probably going to be nuts. Months ago, I knew this would be a busy week. I had a birth fair:

The Rally to Improve Birth that I was a coordinator for:

The Fall Meet the Doula which I also help plan (and I didn't take any pictures at because I never stopped moving and sweating).

and then our Birth Network's fall meeting.

In addition to that I had two birth classes starting (Salinas and Hollister) Monday and Friday. When I put this week together in months ago I must have seriously had it out for future me... Though, I also didn't know I would be totally taken down by a brutal cold. And honestly, not participating in any of these birth events is just not an option to me, they are all really important to me and I do truly enjoy them while they are happening... it's the planning and prepping before and the sometimes unhappy participants afterwards (dare I check my inbox after?) that made for very, very long days. Days where I seriously could not believe that from morning to night it had only been one day.

My classes that were due to start didn't. The Hollister class was always a long shot because I don't live there and I was relying on others to market it... but I was surprised to have only one Salinas couple who then decided to do the online class. My Carmel class is full though and my time with them is like a little oasis in my week. Honestly, it's probably a good thing I will not be teaching three nights a week pretty much up to my due date, maybe the universe is intervening.

The days were very long but overall the week felt very short. I cannot believe I will be in my third trimester in just two weeks! I made it to BodyPump and RIPPED this class and I was pretty pathetic at BodyPump... but I feel like I killed RIPPED. I felt so good, and I think I looked good too, which is a nice change.

This baby is moving like crazy now... which is... crazy. Seeing my belly move all over is just amazing because I go so much of my day not even really thinking about being pregnant, and because it's all just going so fast. I don't feel like I should be getting those huge kicks in my ribs (or boobs, which is so funny to me when they do that) or see my whole belly shifting. I'd love to know who's in there.

I honestly don't know what I ate this week... I had to bake 50 lactation cookies which came out to a lot more so I think I lived off those quite a bit. I had seemed to have creeped up a couple pounds and backed off... and went right back down to where I had been. I feel good and my blood sugar is good so I'm not worried. Feel good other than the savage exhaustion and the stupid cold. I got new hair though... that makes everything ok.

Talk to you all next week!

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- Cori

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