Monday, September 8, 2014

Baby 4 Week 25: Nesting, The Power Tool Edition

Week 25

I can't seem to nest like a normal person. I don't paint nurseries or hang pictures... we rip out walls. It seems I only get these bursts of motivation to remodel more of our home when I'm expecting.

We finally saved up the money to refinish the floors, we compared estimates to what it would cost to do it ourselves and we would save thousands... I convinced Eric to try to do just one room. If it turned out horribly, we would pay someone to do the rest.

Eric started on one room and halfway through the day he said we might as well do the other bedrooms and I started clearing furniture... big furniture... didn't care, we were going to finish the bedrooms. I dropped off the kids and started sanding with Eric.

Hours and hours of this.

We ended up sanding for 22 hours straight... I looked like this sometime around 4am:

It's not a good look.
There was no time to sleep after sanding,  we went straight to applying the polyurethane. I ended up staying awake for 37 hours straight, and Eric was awake for 47.

This is where we got to sleep the next couple days... with all the kids:

I'm really happy with the result, and so glad we did it ourselves. We are going to use the money we saved to go to Disneyland in November.

Original floor right, sanded floor center, finished floor (just poly) left.
One room done, I'll take picture of the others as we move stuff in!

We are still slowly moving everything into the rooms. I ordered wall vinyls for four rooms. I wavered over whether wall vinyls were too trendy, but they take up big spaces and I don't have to buy art or... God forbid put pictures in frames. I'll take pictures of rooms as I work on them/finish them. 
Above is the daycare nursery pretty much done, now I feel like I can finally decorate it.

Pregnancy wise, the heartburn has been mild. I feel really good, not big at all. I am getting a lot of round ligament paid. The ligaments in my belly feel really tight, it can be really uncomfortable. However over all, it doesn't bother me much. I am really enjoying this pregnancy.

I didn't check my blood sugar this week, but I'm not worried about it. I still haven't gained much and I associate my blood sugar going off with weight gain, they tend to correlate. I'll check tomorrow. I've gained back 3-4 pounds of the 11 I've lost. I'm still obsessed with kefir with apricots (put in the freezer for a bit and it's almost kinda like ice cream) and rice cakes. For actual real meals, an egg and a piece of toast and rice with stir fry veggies are my favorites.

This sweet little baby is moving more and more, I love when I can see him or her kick, maybe I'll be able to catch it on video soon.
I'm off to go get my hair done after doing it myself the past... 6 months at least. Excited :)

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- Cori

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