Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby 4 Week 22: Locked in My Room Hiding From Kids

Week 22

The kids have been waking up way early this week, and insane, so today I'm writing from my room with the door locked. I can hear them, I know what they are doing... but seriously... if they are anywhere close to me they completely lose it. Without me in sight, they are all three playing with the train set fairly happily. I feel zero guilt hiding from them right now.

Oddly enough, even on off weeks like this, I am not looking forward to having a fourth any less. I don't know what this means about me. It has never occurred to me to ask moms with more kids than me how they handle it. I've never thought "I can't have another kid like (insert hardest of my kids)." For me having three kids is really not that different from two, and I can't imagine how different four could be. If you already aren't sleeping and the house is already a mess, and screaming is already the soundtrack to your day... what is one more? I have heard other parents of big families share the same kind of sentiments. I think the biggest difference between one kid and three kids is you learn to let go of a lot of stuff... or at least... if you have three kids and you are happy to welcome another you have learned how to let go of a lot of stuff. Eric never asks when dinner will be on the table and why none of the kids are wearing pants... but we do lay in bed at night and just talk about how awesome they are, and that we can't wait to meet this one. I'm feeling tempted to unlock the door and hug them all now... not that tempted though...

This was an especially awesome week in this pregnancy. I went on a couple really great runs on days when I didn't lift weights, no heartburn, feeling lots of movement, though it's all very muffled. We have our anatomy scan on Monday where we could find out if we are having a Lyla Paige or Everett Levi... but we are staying strong. Or at least I am, Eric will be working. So there will be pictures and video of that next week. So crazy that we totally could know and we aren't!

Oh... and my current  pregnancy obsessions are rice cakes (usually brown rice cakes) and apricot kefir. When I put the kids down for naps... this is my party for one.

Oh... I was going to write about how Eric had an art show and several women propositioned him for sex and I got a little crazy about it... I'll share that next week maybe. I swear women can smell when a man has recently impregnated someone... like "Oh this guy is passing out babies!" ... happens every time...

Have a good week!

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- Cori

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