Friday, August 29, 2014

Baby 4 Week 24: Beds Have Plenty to do with Pregnancy

24 Weeks

The big adventure of this week was that we got a new bed. This ties into pregnancy because my last pregnancy broke our last bed... like I sat on the foot of the bed and the frame crashed. The air in our Sleep Number (which we bought used) was also not holding but we just weren't willing to invest in a new bed so we have dealt with the whole situation for 18 months or so. We are long-suffering people.

We planned to buy a new Sleep Number bed, and a frame and even a headboard and footboard (fancy!) after we refinished the floors... if we had money left over (and still had our required amount in savings). Then I saw a Cal King Sleep Number for $100 on a facebook group. The people were moving, probably military, I jumped on it... after like a dozen other people had already jumped on it. I offered $200 and no one else wanted to pay that (crazy! it's a $1500 bed!) and we got it! It's only a few years old and in awesome condition. AND it holds air! Our only complaint is that the box spring is plastic and super loud, we might replace that.

We decided to go all out and get a frame too... while looking I found a headboard and footboard... which we have never owned together in out marriage. We each came in with our beds from our first marriages... and ended up getting rid of them. They were just beds to me, but Eric would sometimes bring it up. Anyhow! This bed I found was a $1500 potter barn super pretty iron bed. Seriously... who pays that for a bed? We paid $400... and I love it.

No we have never had bedding either... maybe for my birthday or something. Or decorated the room, which would be nice. No idea what to put over the bed though, I just get paralyzed and I do nothing.

And yes the mattress already has a new vinyl cover on it just in case this ends up being where we welcome baby four. The room is pretty small though, literally... you see the whole room right now. Totally enough room to have a baby... but when I add it up, we kinda plan on having a lot of people here. So... we'll see. Eric was like "look at all the places to hold on to" and I'm thinking birth of course and he's thinking sex I'm sure... well truth... we are probably both thinking of both. I just know there is a really good chance I'm going to labor all over this thing.

I saw the baby move from the outside of my belly yesterday. He or she was kicking out the side of my belly pretty hardcore... it was awesome. Overall movements are still very muffled.

I've been great about cooking. The alternative is not that we go eat out, but that no one eats a real meal. The kids will eat string cheese and sandwiches  or pasta or nuggets, Eric will make himself a burger or have pasta with the kids... and I eat my weird large snack meals... like kefir and fruit and nuts. But I've been making myself cook at least a few times a week because I'm not getting enough protein... some days it's like half what I should be getting. So I've been cooking big batches of brown rice, I made a bunch of tortilla soup (though I ended up not eating it, so I guess that doesn't count), I had whole wheat pasta with a lot of ground beef yesterday which i was pretty proud of. Anyhow... making an effort.

It's weird to read about previous pregnancies and feeling all big, because I don't at all this time. I still barely feel pregnant... if it weren't for these weekly pictures I don't think I'd realize how big my belly is getting.

Have a good holiday weekend everyone... I think I'm going to get Eric to refinish the floors in a couple rooms... should be fun.

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- Cori

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