Friday, August 8, 2014

Baby 4 Week 21: I Only Say Vulva a Few Times Here...

Week 21

This week was a mix between feeling totally normal/amazing and then being reminded that I'm 5 months pregnant. Eric started a little over month long job at UCSC yesterday... which is awesome because that means there is a chance we will have insurance with this little one arrives which means our homebirth money can be used to refinish our floors. Priorities! However, Eric working means my schedule is definitely busier, I can't run out to the gym at 10am while he sits with the daycare, I can't send him out for groceries, I can't get a nap in while he keeps the house from burning down. I'm not complaining, we most certainly need the money, but I haven't figured out how to get 6-7 workouts in a week on this schedule. I made it to the gym 3 times in the last week and I'm hoping my 2 pound gain (first gain this pregnancy) is just normal, and not reflecting the reduced activity. We will see, I have classes lined up for only Monday and Tuesday, but I hope to run on the off days. Maybe I'm obsessing.

The heartburn is here. Last week I was thinking "oh I must have eaten something." Nope. My spit gives me heartburn. I'm just living with it, pretending it's not happening for now. It is a definite reminder that I am in fact growing a person.

Another reminder... crazy vulva pressure. At first I was like "OMG I think my uterus is going to fall out of my vagina." Eric loves it when I say things like this. I can tell from the look of fear and confusion and "can that happen?" and "if it can, I hope it doesn't" on his face. After saying this a few times and trying to further describe it to Eric, because I know he is eager to hear more, I don't think that's not really what I'm feeling. It's like, total vulva pressure... that makes no sense to me. When I google it I primarily find resources on varicose veins in that area... which I've never had... legs either, or hemorrhoids... while we are on the subject bulging veins. Anyhow, it's not every day, just sometimes... you know it might happen on days when I run actually. I'll let you guys know, because I know that like Eric... you are fascinated.

I felt baby most this week. Still very sporadic. Then a couple nights ago I was laying on Ash's bed with Indy on my stomach trying to get him to sleep and I felt baby kick Indy. First sibling fight. I put my hand on that area and felt another kick, or turn... something. It was exciting. Well off to the right side... thanks to placenta insisting on being the frontman of this show.

I've checked my blood sugar a couple days... totally awesome numbers. Yay that.

Oh and for the totally not feeling pregnant and feeling amazing part... I have no problems sleeping. I don't feel any bigger. No back pain... thank God! My workouts feel pretty amazing, the other day I was totally squatting a heavier weight than two of the guys in class. Really, I have few complaints.

Well that's all for this weeks edition of more information than you needed about my pregnancy!

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