Friday, August 29, 2014

Baby 4 Week 24: Beds Have Plenty to do with Pregnancy

24 Weeks

The big adventure of this week was that we got a new bed. This ties into pregnancy because my last pregnancy broke our last bed... like I sat on the foot of the bed and the frame crashed. The air in our Sleep Number (which we bought used) was also not holding but we just weren't willing to invest in a new bed so we have dealt with the whole situation for 18 months or so. We are long-suffering people.

We planned to buy a new Sleep Number bed, and a frame and even a headboard and footboard (fancy!) after we refinished the floors... if we had money left over (and still had our required amount in savings). Then I saw a Cal King Sleep Number for $100 on a facebook group. The people were moving, probably military, I jumped on it... after like a dozen other people had already jumped on it. I offered $200 and no one else wanted to pay that (crazy! it's a $1500 bed!) and we got it! It's only a few years old and in awesome condition. AND it holds air! Our only complaint is that the box spring is plastic and super loud, we might replace that.

We decided to go all out and get a frame too... while looking I found a headboard and footboard... which we have never owned together in out marriage. We each came in with our beds from our first marriages... and ended up getting rid of them. They were just beds to me, but Eric would sometimes bring it up. Anyhow! This bed I found was a $1500 potter barn super pretty iron bed. Seriously... who pays that for a bed? We paid $400... and I love it.

No we have never had bedding either... maybe for my birthday or something. Or decorated the room, which would be nice. No idea what to put over the bed though, I just get paralyzed and I do nothing.

And yes the mattress already has a new vinyl cover on it just in case this ends up being where we welcome baby four. The room is pretty small though, literally... you see the whole room right now. Totally enough room to have a baby... but when I add it up, we kinda plan on having a lot of people here. So... we'll see. Eric was like "look at all the places to hold on to" and I'm thinking birth of course and he's thinking sex I'm sure... well truth... we are probably both thinking of both. I just know there is a really good chance I'm going to labor all over this thing.

I saw the baby move from the outside of my belly yesterday. He or she was kicking out the side of my belly pretty hardcore... it was awesome. Overall movements are still very muffled.

I've been great about cooking. The alternative is not that we go eat out, but that no one eats a real meal. The kids will eat string cheese and sandwiches  or pasta or nuggets, Eric will make himself a burger or have pasta with the kids... and I eat my weird large snack meals... like kefir and fruit and nuts. But I've been making myself cook at least a few times a week because I'm not getting enough protein... some days it's like half what I should be getting. So I've been cooking big batches of brown rice, I made a bunch of tortilla soup (though I ended up not eating it, so I guess that doesn't count), I had whole wheat pasta with a lot of ground beef yesterday which i was pretty proud of. Anyhow... making an effort.

It's weird to read about previous pregnancies and feeling all big, because I don't at all this time. I still barely feel pregnant... if it weren't for these weekly pictures I don't think I'd realize how big my belly is getting.

Have a good holiday weekend everyone... I think I'm going to get Eric to refinish the floors in a couple rooms... should be fun.

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- Cori

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby 4 Week 23: If you could not try to fuck my husband that would be awesome + Ultrasound pics/video

Week 23

I feel pretty amazing! I love this pregnancy. No aches or pains, I didn't even really have any heartburn this week. And baby is moving a ton now, I can easily feel him or her from the outside and it's so cool. Definitely does not get old at all, everything feels fresh and exciting for this pregnancy. The only way that it feels like I've done this three times before is just in feeling really relaxed about everything. When you know more, I feel like there is less to worry and wonder about. I guess knowing too much is a problem for some people... but I think there is a difference between having too much information... and understanding it.

I really can't wait to meet this little one, but I also could be pregnant forever at this point... until I think about cake. I think my friends wait until I have gestational diabetes to share the most amazing recipes... samoas coconut cream pie... french toast casserole... I know... shut up right? Being really careful with my diet has paid off though. My blood sugar is still 100% within my target range, I've only gained back two of the eleven pounds I lost in early pregnancy, and I just feel really good. I might be totally dooming my next week... but I promised to be honest with you guys so that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Now about girls trying to have sex with my husband, especially when I'm pregnant... then we'll get to the ultrasound stuff. So I've only ever been with musicians, boyfriends and husbands. Musicians get attention from girls... I know... I'm a girl... and they all got my attention.

I married that guy.

When you marry a musician you have to figure out how you are going to deal with that. Are you going to be cool? Protective? Cut bitches with broken bottles? Personally... I'm kinda a blend depending on whether or not I have a uterine occupant. We are headed into irrational territory here, so don't judge me... or you can... but I'm in the broken bottle phase right now so maybe don't say anything about it.

I've never really worried about Eric because before he and I were even interested in each other, I watched girls try to hook up with him. I watched him kick totally willing girls out of his bed... and eventually I tried and failed myself. He's never been with someone outside of marriage, and doesn't seem to have any curiosity in what that's like.

So there is no reason for me to get super crazy when women hit on Eric, after all... it takes two. But for some reason when I'm pregnant it happens more often, and it bothers me a lot more. I shared about it for the first time when Eric's band played in Colorado and this girl would not back off... so naturally... I wanted to murder her. When I was pregnant with Indy I found hand prints on the inside of Eric's car window... which obviously meant he was having sex with women on his lunch break, like Titanic... and he was working on docks... could have been ON the Titanic. I warned you, this is totally irrational territory here. Maybe it's baby trying to ensure a stable family before he or she arrives. Maybe it's just hormones. Whatever it is... it's back.

Eric doesn't really play music anymore, but he does preform as a Ghostbuster for various charity events. So replace image above with this one now:

I did not know I was marrying a Ghostbuster by the way...

I think Eric is super attractive, but the Ghostbuster thing really doesn't do anything for me. Apparently... I'm alone in that. It's really not uncommon for him to come home from events and search instagram or twitter, looking for pictures from the event and find posts like this:

Doesn't bother me. Now when I know hundreds of girls, some of them basically in underwear, are putting their arms around him to take pictures, there is mild annoyance... but I make sure rational side wins in those moments. I should just be proud right? Well two weekends ago rational side lost... and it was ugly.

Eric and some other Ghostbusters were invited to a Bill Murray art show. Eric decided to also make and exhibit some art:

And he turned out to be the best seller in the show:

Turns out... if he was offering more than just his art, he probably could have been the best seller in the show that way too. I always ask if women hit on him at events, so I asked as usual and he said yeah. I was busy cleaning cages so didn't ask more, but followed up later and he said yeah, one was super forward. She said she never does this (lie, that's always a lie) but this was basically her fantasy and she had to ask... and then something about wanting to mount a pack, asked if that interested him or something. He showed her his ring and said his wife wouldn't appreciate it... I think he should have charged her for alone time with just his pack. She acted horrified that she propositioned a married man, and brought it up again later... but yeah... girls see rings.

Next girl just made a comment outside about how much action Eric must get being the hottest Ghostbuster, not a direct proposition. More classy yeah? Eric replied, "Yeah, at home" and I was satisfied with that response. This might be swinging in the opposite direction of crazy jealousy, but I don't want him to feel like his wife is holding him back from something... which I occasionally ask... and he treats me like I'm crazy... because he doesn't even get how people can just meet, and have sex, and be into that. Then I start to explain how people can be totally into that and Eric stops me because I might be about to mention things he likes to pretend didn't happen. Fair enough.

The next girl Eric said seemed to be flirting and wanting to hook up, but was "really cool" about it. He said she was really nice and he liked talking to her. No reaction, I just tried to listen. I asked what kinds of things she said and did, no pleas to mount his pack, just inviting him back to the city in the future, sharing where she worked (which involved alcohol), dragging him onto the dance floor... etc etc... This one, for some reason, started to set something off, maybe because Eric thought she was cool, or because he continued to initiate conversation when he probably should have walked away, maybe because after knowing he had a wife and kids she still put her hands on him and pulled him onto the dance floor, even though he didn't dance... because Eric doesn't... I don't know... but I quietly stewed over it... all day.... which I never do. I always air grievances immediately and let them go... but I let this one simmer, reduce, and intensify.

By late that night I had decided that I was not ok, and said so. I went from calm to door slamming and sobbing pretty quickly, I think because Eric tried to defend her, and him... instead of saying, "yeah I probably should have walked away" or "she was totally out of line" and we could have left it at that. I also feel like the concept of a good relationship is constantly under attack, and I'm genuinely afraid of being duped. I'm constantly encountering online chatter about the nature of men (all men do this, if they don't, they are lying), and we have been watching a lot of Catfish lately and watching people be lied to for long periods of time, and Dr. Phil cheater shows of course don't help... "for every rat you see there's 50 you don't," fuck did I see a rat??? And then the pregnancy paranoia does the rest I guess. Why wouldn't any guy cheat on his pregnant, not exciting, same old wife when he totally could? How did I get lucky and get a good... pretty much perfect one? God it's always the perfect ones too.

I felt better the next day, kinda stupid, but also justified... and I was ok with that not making sense either. Eric wasn't upset by it, which started me down "well shouldn't he be upset" but I reeled it back in. I haven't decided if I'm allowed to have one of these meltdowns once every couple years or not. I have however definitely decided that I really prefer other women not try to fuck my husband, especially when I'm pregnant.

And soon after this Eric felt baby kick for the first time... in the face... maybe baby was keeping dad in check... "don't stress out mom... just wait til I'm out and she can manage her emotions again."

I'm glad I'm admitting this even if it's totally embarrassing. I've actually had my birth class students call me and say "I just completely freaked out on my husband, I've never done that before, are we ok?" So just in case anyone else has done what I did two weekends ago... you aren't alone.

If you read all that, get up and stretch or something... because that was ridiculous.

What felt like was forever away already came and went, we had our anatomy scan! This will hopefully be the last ultrasound of the pregnancy. Everything looked perfect. Here are some of the pictures we got, and a video of the whole ultrasound. Feel free to try to figure out if baby is a boy or a girl... I wont be analyzing the video :) I am not sure I have ever thought any of the babies were this cute via ultrasound, I can't wait to meet this little person.

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 - Cori

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby 4 Week 22: Locked in My Room Hiding From Kids

Week 22

The kids have been waking up way early this week, and insane, so today I'm writing from my room with the door locked. I can hear them, I know what they are doing... but seriously... if they are anywhere close to me they completely lose it. Without me in sight, they are all three playing with the train set fairly happily. I feel zero guilt hiding from them right now.

Oddly enough, even on off weeks like this, I am not looking forward to having a fourth any less. I don't know what this means about me. It has never occurred to me to ask moms with more kids than me how they handle it. I've never thought "I can't have another kid like (insert hardest of my kids)." For me having three kids is really not that different from two, and I can't imagine how different four could be. If you already aren't sleeping and the house is already a mess, and screaming is already the soundtrack to your day... what is one more? I have heard other parents of big families share the same kind of sentiments. I think the biggest difference between one kid and three kids is you learn to let go of a lot of stuff... or at least... if you have three kids and you are happy to welcome another you have learned how to let go of a lot of stuff. Eric never asks when dinner will be on the table and why none of the kids are wearing pants... but we do lay in bed at night and just talk about how awesome they are, and that we can't wait to meet this one. I'm feeling tempted to unlock the door and hug them all now... not that tempted though...

This was an especially awesome week in this pregnancy. I went on a couple really great runs on days when I didn't lift weights, no heartburn, feeling lots of movement, though it's all very muffled. We have our anatomy scan on Monday where we could find out if we are having a Lyla Paige or Everett Levi... but we are staying strong. Or at least I am, Eric will be working. So there will be pictures and video of that next week. So crazy that we totally could know and we aren't!

Oh... and my current  pregnancy obsessions are rice cakes (usually brown rice cakes) and apricot kefir. When I put the kids down for naps... this is my party for one.

Oh... I was going to write about how Eric had an art show and several women propositioned him for sex and I got a little crazy about it... I'll share that next week maybe. I swear women can smell when a man has recently impregnated someone... like "Oh this guy is passing out babies!" ... happens every time...

Have a good week!

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- Cori

Friday, August 8, 2014

Baby 4 Week 21: I Only Say Vulva a Few Times Here...

Week 21

This week was a mix between feeling totally normal/amazing and then being reminded that I'm 5 months pregnant. Eric started a little over month long job at UCSC yesterday... which is awesome because that means there is a chance we will have insurance with this little one arrives which means our homebirth money can be used to refinish our floors. Priorities! However, Eric working means my schedule is definitely busier, I can't run out to the gym at 10am while he sits with the daycare, I can't send him out for groceries, I can't get a nap in while he keeps the house from burning down. I'm not complaining, we most certainly need the money, but I haven't figured out how to get 6-7 workouts in a week on this schedule. I made it to the gym 3 times in the last week and I'm hoping my 2 pound gain (first gain this pregnancy) is just normal, and not reflecting the reduced activity. We will see, I have classes lined up for only Monday and Tuesday, but I hope to run on the off days. Maybe I'm obsessing.

The heartburn is here. Last week I was thinking "oh I must have eaten something." Nope. My spit gives me heartburn. I'm just living with it, pretending it's not happening for now. It is a definite reminder that I am in fact growing a person.

Another reminder... crazy vulva pressure. At first I was like "OMG I think my uterus is going to fall out of my vagina." Eric loves it when I say things like this. I can tell from the look of fear and confusion and "can that happen?" and "if it can, I hope it doesn't" on his face. After saying this a few times and trying to further describe it to Eric, because I know he is eager to hear more, I don't think that's not really what I'm feeling. It's like, total vulva pressure... that makes no sense to me. When I google it I primarily find resources on varicose veins in that area... which I've never had... legs either, or hemorrhoids... while we are on the subject bulging veins. Anyhow, it's not every day, just sometimes... you know it might happen on days when I run actually. I'll let you guys know, because I know that like Eric... you are fascinated.

I felt baby most this week. Still very sporadic. Then a couple nights ago I was laying on Ash's bed with Indy on my stomach trying to get him to sleep and I felt baby kick Indy. First sibling fight. I put my hand on that area and felt another kick, or turn... something. It was exciting. Well off to the right side... thanks to placenta insisting on being the frontman of this show.

I've checked my blood sugar a couple days... totally awesome numbers. Yay that.

Oh and for the totally not feeling pregnant and feeling amazing part... I have no problems sleeping. I don't feel any bigger. No back pain... thank God! My workouts feel pretty amazing, the other day I was totally squatting a heavier weight than two of the guys in class. Really, I have few complaints.

Well that's all for this weeks edition of more information than you needed about my pregnancy!

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