Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby 4 Week 20: Oh Just Drink Vinegar! Ok!

Week 20

After last week's post my sweet friend, Lindsay, offered to let me borrow her doppler so I can hear baby's heartbeat. I hadn't felt baby in a long time, and barely anything before that, and while I'm not a worrier when it comes to whatever I'm growing in my tummy... it was weird to me. I fired that thing up and started looking for baby. Nothing... and nothing... and nothing... Finally I got a small moment of 140bpm and considering I wasn't running... I knew it was baby and not me. It was way off to the left side, and I lost it quickly. I then decided to listen to see if it sounded like if my placenta was anterior, or in the front of my uterus. I got the slow "swoosh, swoosh" that pretty much confirmed for me that an anterior placenta was the reason I wasn't really feeling baby.

I had heard a lot of scary things about anterior placentas... not that scary... mostly annoying. This post is an example of why anterior placentas are a pain:

Anterior placenta is to the right, click the picture
to read the article!
However, none of my students have had any complications with their anterior placentas, and my midwife said nearly half of all placentas are anterior and it doesn't really cause significant issues, if any. My midwife confirmed she was pretty sure I was right, which made me happy. I like being able to figure out for myself what is happening in my body. I don't like going to a doctor or midwife and saying "I don't know how to work this thing, explain my body to me."

Yesterday I started to really feel baby. Clear wiggles everywhere but in the front of my tummy, but I'll take it. I have had some very impressive braxton-hicks contractions as well, which I think are really neat. All about it.

I'm also getting mild heartburn. I like it. I've been able to mostly avoid it by avoiding sugary foods... but little by little it is creeping up when I don't expect it. Last night I decided to try apple cider vinegar, which some people swear by. Eric googled the amount and decided to set me up with a shot class of straight ACV instead of diluting it with water. OMG. Seriously, who can drink that? It basically touched the inside of my mouth and I freaked out. I did swallow some. It didn't help and made my throat burn more. Maybe I'll try it diluted.

We have our anatomy scan set for August 18th, I think I'll be around 23 weeks? I'm happy to wait, more chunk on the baby for cuter 3D pics!

As for weight gain, there has been none, and I could not be happier. I lost 11 pounds and haven't gained anything back. I fully credit Indy weaning. I am of course also staying very active. I'm actually in better shape now than when I got pregnant. Turns out weight lifting changes my body a lot more than running. Eric is probably sick of me flexing and showing him new muscles, but I'm not yet. I will probably start gaining soon, and that's ok... I actually weigh almost exactly the same as in my last 3 pregnancies, check it out:

Yes I just told you all how much I weigh and also shared my pregnancy weight spreadsheet! The rows are my pregnancies in order from top to bottom. What is way crazy to me is that I started Indy's pregnancy at 179, and this one at 203... and ended up at exactly the same weight halfway through. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks that's cool... but I totally do! I'm totally not going to stress out about how much I weigh when the weight class teacher is pointing out that the pregnant girl is lifting the heaviest weight (not in a shaming way). Being strong is cool :)

I think we should do a belly compare... yes???

20 weeks with baby 4!
20 weeks with Indiana!

20 weeks with Ashley!
21 weeks with Milo!

 That was fun, have a good week!

What this week was like with my other pregnancies:

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