Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby 4 Week 18: Pregnancy + Jump Rope = Public Urination

A doula friend asked me what my hair looked like
if I didn't curl or straighten it. So here it is...
it's very poofy... that's what it looks like.
Week 18

Not sure I need to even tell this story... we all know how it ends right? I pee at the gym... that's how it ends. Ok I'll tell the story... that's the whole point of the blog right?

I had a free pass to one of the local gyms and I decided to check it out. I've actually been to the morning class, but that teacher said I should try the evening class as it's pretty different. The classes are very... crossfit like... it's high intensity for sure, but I am good about modifying. I got there and everyone is... well... everyone looks like they are their after picture already... I definitely feel like I stand out. I'm really happy when we get passed the everyone is chatting and I know no one part of class and start working out. I'm sure it's 100% me and everyone is super nice... but I felt like the new kid at school... the new fat kid with weird hair.

It's without a doubt a fun, hard class. When ever we run I keep up, I'm usually last, but pretty much even with the next to last person. We run outside the building and come back and jump rope... a little higher intensity than what I can handle... my muscles are totally in, but my lungs and heart not so much. It's like they just can't keep up, which is frustrating. I pushed myself to the point where I became dizzy so I backed off... usually I am limited by my muscles, I don't like other systems wussing out but I figure passing out at the gym would be pretty embarrassing.

Also failing... my bladder. Three rounds in, I'm jumping... and then... I'm really grateful I'm wearing black pants. I run to the bathroom but the damage is done. Totally not noticeable and I do complete the hour workout... but I think jumping rope is out for me. I seriously do not feel pregnant... until things like that happen.

Indy completely weaned this week. My milk is totally gone... like... I cannot even express a drop. Indy has no interest. If I offer he will pinch or hug my boob... or blow a raspberry on it... but not breastfeed. I feel ok about it though, he is 16 months old... it was a good run.

I'm super into grapefruit right now... which apparently raises my blood sugar excessively. Not crazy, but my two hour after having a grapefruit and cheese was 127, and it should be under 120, and 90 is normal for me. I'm limiting myself to half a grapefruit at a time. Peaches are still a favorite.

I'm really missing ice cream. I looked up the nutrition facts for the Oikos Greek frozen yogurt and I was not impressed. Still lots of sugar, and not that much more protein. I have a feeling even those banana cheater ice creams would be too much sugar.

I've only felt baby a few times still, I felt a good little swoosh a couple days ago. I hope to feel baby a lot more soon!

Have a good week!

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