Thursday, July 10, 2014

Baby 4 Week 17: See Ya Later Cervix

Week 17

My activity level has been curbed a bit by some persistent injuries. I've been weightlifting and doing PiYo, but today I don't even think I can swing PiYo. Injury one is my left ankle. No idea what I did, but my achellies hurts. Icing and resting. Injury two is the joint that connects my big toe to my foot on my right foot. It hurts... a lot... That joint has been enlarged since my last pregnancy... podiatrist was basically like "yeah it's fucked up, this is your life now," right after Indy was born. Maybe not exactly in those words. It hasn't bothered me much, now it does. Podiatrist blamed relaxin, the hormone that relaxes ligaments during pregnancy, and so do I. You are the worst relaxin... the worst. And your name sucks. Overall, I do feel really good, but to stay feeling good, I need to stay active. Trying to work up a sweat off your feet is hard... and no sex jokes... I know what I wrote.

In other news my cervix is gone. It happens every pregnancy. I don't know where it goes... maybe it's flown south for the pregnancy... I don't know. Well I do know... it's just really far back... but I like to think it's like "yeah... no... peace out, see you when all this is over."

Why do I even know where my cervix is or isn't right now... because I'm just always interested. I check it often through my cycles to see where I'm at fertility wise (which is really working out, I totally tend to know I'm fucking up when we have sex when we shouldn't) and I think I have some scar tissue on it from my last birth... so that and how it may affect this birth interests me. So yeah... curious, I checked and it's gone. We've gone over before how hard it is to reach when I'm pregnant... remember when I made Eric check my cervix when I was 41 weeks pregnant? Even midwives, nurses, and doctors struggle. So anyhow... it's gone. I'll probably see it sometime next year.

I am failing at cooking dinner, but my diet is fantastic. When you don't cook you either eat lots of processed stuff, you eat out, or eat lots of raw thing. I'm eating lots of raw things... all meals are basically bigger snacks. Apples, cheddar cheese, Greek yogurt and some nuts may not look like a meal... but it totally is in my world right now. I'm obsessed with peaches... rock hard white peaches... I did have a moment with needing a crunchy taco from Taco Bell Monday night... but overall... craving pretty healthy things. When I do cook... I feel proud of myself for the rest of the week... so I don't feel the need to cook again. Overall I feel good about what I'm feeding baby.

I still have not felt baby, I think I may have felt him or her on Saturday at the Baby Fair while I talked with doula Kat, but I can't be sure. I've had a few more moments like that. Anxiously waiting!

We'll talk again soon :)

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