Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby 4 Week 15: Possibly Offended

Week 15

I feel like the birthy decisions have settled down. No prenatals this week, no picking up medical records, and I'm even down to checking my blood sugar only every other day (as per Dr. C's recommendation)... so everything felt very normal this week. My blood sugar is great, fastings were mostly in the 80's which is awesome, after meals continue to be in the 80-90 range.

I wonder if kicking up my workouts is helping my fastings. Muscles use glucose for energy and instead of running so much (sometimes 7 days a week) I'm down to running 3 days a week and doing strength/cardio or just strength classes 3-4 days a week. I can definitely see the difference. I'm still trying out gyms, I have a pass at the YMCA and I've done RIPPED (Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet) a few times, a long time favorite, Boot Camp, and Step & Sculpt. One day I decided to go to "BYOB" (Bring Your Own Body I think?) which is usually a weight lifting class taught by a guy who plays rock from the 80's I think... I don't know... I grew up in the 90's. Anyhow I got there and there were strike pads out... which I'm down with... but then I realized we would be doing partners and I'd have to hold a pad while someone kicked me. Probably not recommended in pregnancy, but I did it. I've also been trying out a small gym on south Main called 2 Steps Ahead, which I really like, but I'm pretty certain we can't afford. I went to Piyo on Wednesday which was killer... super impressive. I felt huge next to all the skinny tan moms in there, but I more than kept up which made me feel good. So yeah, just really working on building muscle at this point to turn my body into a glucose burning machine.

It was a very birthy week, even if it wasn't about my birth. On Saturday I went to a fantastic workshop in Sacramento on VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) which is something I'm passionate about. It was mind blowing, so much amazing information... and I got to meet Jen Kamel of Celebrities do nothing for me... birth celebrities... super exciting.

With a few ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) ladies and Jen Kamel
On Sunday I started a private class with a new couple. On Monday I taught my Salinas class. On Wednesday I taught my Carmel class and on Thursday I did a webinar for ICAN on how to avoid a cesarean. It was pretty awesome. I was SO nervous! I way rather be on a stage than talk into the internet... but I got comfortable and I think it went well. I hope they got me... here are a couples of slides... so you know what I mean.

I just love that shirt!

Who doesn't think Gandalf when unnecessary cervical checks come up?
And tonight I'm going to a pregnant mamas potluck. And then Saturday I teach again... and Sunday I'm having coffee with an expecting mama. I love it... nothing else I rather fill my week with. And how awesome is Eric for watching the babies while I do all that? Pretty awesome.

So I think I had my first stranger recognize that I was pregnant today, but I'm not sure. I was at the grocery store picking up ingredients for bruschetta for the potluck tonight. I just had a couple things and there was an old lade in front of me. I stood behind her for a bit then she told the checker, super kindly, "let this young lady through." I thanked her, and she said, "you need to get home and eat honey." Again... super nicely. And I was totally nice back, but deeply confused. I didn't look all that pregnant in what I was wearing, but it was tight so maybe? I was in workout clothes, maybe because she could tell I finished a workout? It was so weird. 

Well that was this week! Talk to you next week!

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- Cori

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