Monday, May 12, 2014

Unexpectedly Expecting!

Unexpectedly Expecting!
On April 1st I took a pregnancy test. I know... who takes a pregnancy test on April Fool's Day right? But I was 2 weeks late and... ok how can I explain this. Here... look that this chart:

Yes this is how I was trying to not get pregnant... same way I was trying to not get pregnant when we conceived Indiana. Tracking my ovulation, and I was doing pretty great. So I should have ovulated on March 10 (day 19 in my cycle) and it felt like I did... so no sex... until day 24... then I started spotting a few days later... gah! Am I ovulating again?? So panicked... I tell Eric he isn't allowed anywhere near me because I don't know what is going on and as far as I'm concerned I'm a pregnancy waiting to happen. So that's why I needed to take a test April 1st... because by then if we were pregnant it would show up, and since we hadn't had sex again there was no way we could be less pregnant and it not show up. Negative test on April 1st and another negative on April 4th...

Well apparently we were REALLY relieved to not be pregnant... and celebrated... because that's when we made this thing... it looks like that very day...

It's a... blob!

I had been feeling sick for almost 2 months... so I didn't think much of the nausea... but I also didn't start another cycle. I waited patiently... but towards the end of the month I told Eric to go get another pregnancy test. He came home with 4.

I took all 4 tests... just in case...
So it's 5:30am on April 23th... Eric is up with Indiana trying to get him back to sleep... which wakes me up and I have to pee so... might as well pee on a stick. Two lines. I told Eric something like I hope he is handling that baby ok, because we're having another. He basically spends the rest of the day wandering around the house saying "How did this happen? I didn't even get to try? How did this happen?" Even though I have insisted that you can get pregnant even if you pull out... Eric still kinda insisted pre-ejaculate fluid was a myth. So I guess we can stop having that debate.

I thought that I would do a beautiful pinterest worthy announcement photoshoot complete with matching outfits for the boys, holding chalk boards with some like "coming this Christmas" or something else adorable. I spent all morning fantasizing when I walked in on a scene that snapped me back to reality.

Indy was dipping the house phone in yogurt and painting the floor. And really... what better way to announce that we would be having a fourth baby... right?

I went ahead and made an appointment with Dr. Glibert because we needed to date this pregnancy. As much as I trust birth... I know that with my medical history an induction may become necessary and I want to be sure dates are exact. So we had an ultrasound and my estimated due date is December 18th. Unfortunately, I will be messing up my pattern of a baby every other year (2009, 2011, & 2013) and I also broke my New Year Resolution of not getting pregnant in 2014. But that's ok... we'll have another baby by Christmas and that's pretty cool... and crazy.

I have no idea what I want to do as far as this birth. Hours after having Indy I looked at Eric and said I would never give birth in a hospital again. Nothing to do with birthing in the hospital, I had a great birth... but because we were about 4 hours postpartum and I wanted to go home. The postpartum prisoner period is the worst. So I have ordered my charts from each of my births and I'm considering a home birth. I'm still very open to a hospital birth too... I'm sure there will be many more posts on this topic.

Milo, Ash, and Indy are all excited. Milo is 4 1/2 years old, Ash is 3 and Indy is 14 months old. At the ultrasound Milo said we are either having a boy or a girl, Ash said we are either monster or a ghost, and Indy is almost pointing to my belly when I ask him where the baby is... he usually points to my boobs. Good enough.

Even though I was pretty up beat about it, finding out I was unexpectedly expecting with Indy was a little rough. While we didn't plan this pregnancy, I'm really excited about the whole thing. The pregnancy, birth, baby... totally ready to do this and share it with all of you.

I'm going to include links to the corresponding blog posts for the week of pregnancy I'm in from my previous blogs in each post. Fun yeah? I think so.
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- Cori


  1. Yeah... conception via pre-ejaculate fluid is not a myth. Congratulations!

  2. I saw the post of this link on FB and saw the u/s in the preview and almost hit the roof thinking it was identical twins. Phew!

    I'm excited to follow your story. Congrats!