Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby 4 Week 9: Elaborate Pillow Configurations

Week 9

A few nights ago I was in bed trying to get comfortable and an unexpected urge came over me... I went in the bathroom, got on Milo's step stool and dug out my big preggo pillow from the top shelf of the linen cabinet! Super soon for this! My elaborate pillow configurations usually don't come into play until 20 or so weeks. But it was perfect. Guess my body is just keeping things interesting.

I've barely been sick this week. I haven't thrown up once this pregnancy and I've barely had any nausea since Mother's Day. I went on a really nice 9 mile run on Mother's Day and thought the fact that I didn't feel sick was a fluke... but I've felt good since!

I had a burger on Sunday too. Oh my god it was awesome. I've been able to keep my protein around 70-90g a day, but I only eat meat a couple times a month. I took 3 bites and was full... but ate half of it because it tasted so good. If you are in south Salinas go to the Bahama Grille and get the BG burger... it's officially my pregnancy craving.

I'm on a desperate search for maternity jeans. The only ones that I have liked are the ones I'm wearing in this picture, they are the Motherhood Maternity Indigo Blue Secret Belly skinny jeans. The way my body is, I just have to have the secret belly, all the way over the belly, kind of jeans or they just roll off my body. Well guess what... looks like these got discontinued and these are from my pregnancy with Indy... and I've been wearing them since I had him too because I just never really fit in my pre-Indy jeans... so basically they are falling apart. So that's a problem.

Talk to you in a week when we hit double digits!

What this week was like with my other pregnancies:
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