Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baby 4 Week 11: Nest Feathering

Week 11

This felt like a long week... not in a bad way, we just did a lot. It felt so long that I thought I was 12 weeks today.

I went on kinda a crazy purgy nesty thing Friday-Tuesday. I started dumping closets, selling furniture, putting tiny things in mason and jam jars: crayons, markers, paint brushes, wiggly eyes, balloons, beads, pipe cleaners, popsicle stick things, glitter, pins, chapsticks... I had to buy more jars. Eric came home Tuesday and said the living room looked empty... like we were moving. But I feel much better. We are going to have a garage sale on Saturday.

Then the nesty part. I am super cheap. Most of our furniture is from craigslist. We don't have a lot of decorations because... I just can't bring myself to spend money on stuff that isn't necessary. I walked into Target and I was just... overcome. I wanted to fully decorate the boys' room for the first time. Frames, wall thingies, oh god there were these baskets... I could have easily spent $200. Actually... I could have easily spent $700 because then (with an empty basket because I have control of my nesting urges) I took Eric over to the nursery furniture and I decided we needed a new dresser/changing table. NEED.

We left with only what we came for. I went online and started searching for the dresser/changing table of my dreams. Nothing was big enough, or what I wanted. Then I went to BabiesRUs... and there is was.

Not the crib... next to it... THE changing table I have been imagining that for some weird reason I couldn't find anywhere else. But it came out to $670. Ugh. Our current changing table

I got for $65 on craigslist, almost new. I have a hard time spending money on like... anything... I found a BabiesRUs employee and asked if there is like... a time of year when they have amazing sales... cause I'll wait! Seriously... I'll set up a tent next to the dresser I want and wait for a sale because there is no way I'm paying that much, but we really need it. Four kids will be sharing one room and the closet and little dresser we have are already full. I'm stalking the bay area craigslist, maybe I'll find one there, and I'll keep an eye out for sales!

We also need a new dining room set... because I sold ours. Haha.. yeah really. I had a good reason though, the chairs were wobbly and breaking and the table was way small and only sat four. We will be a family of six soon, and just like Ash needed his bunk bed assembled before he was born, this baby needs a place at the table.

So we hit the furniture stores. I hate furniture stores. We have only purchased one thing from a furniture store, the boys' bunk bed... and that's after looking everywhere else. I just remember reading somewhere that furniture stores mark up their prices by like... 80%... and it just infuriates me. I just walk around being angry at prices. But after checking craigslist and all the cheaper stores I decided to look around. Yeah. I can't spend $1000 on a table. I thought I could, I picked one out. I picked out the chairs. I got the price lowered. And then... no. I took the guy's card and ran.... and went back to craigslist.

I decided to check the bay area craigslist instead of the Monterey bay one and looked through pages and pages and pages of tables. I learned there are some horrifically ugly tables out there. But I also think we found one I like. So we are headed up to the bay area tonight and hopefully it's as good as the pictures! And only $330 for an espresso table with six chairs. I could justify spending the $700 I'm saving on the dresser I want... but I've met me... I can't. I'm really excited about the table though.

I feel good. We ate out a lot Friday-Tuesday and I really am feeling it. I didn't eat a lot... but we don't normally eat out at all. Instead of eating a whole burger and fries and a shake (what I wanted) I'd do like... just the burger, or chicken... but it was still too much and there is just no way you can run (even after a 2 hour jog on the coast) that much sodium and crap off. So I'm chugging water and eating a lot of fruits and veggies... not that I mind. Plums, grapes, and baby carrots are my current obsession.

I've lost 6 pounds, mostly in the last couple weeks. I don't think it has anything to do with my diet and more to do with Indy breastfeeding less and less. Last week he went 5 days and he really doesn't ever ask for it, but sometimes I offer if he's being fussy and I just need him to be still and quite for a bit. So, I'm not concerned about the loss, it is very normal for me to drop weight when a baby weans... but I also kinda hope he keeps breastfeeding through the pregnancy.

Talk to you next week when I'll REALLY be 12 weeks!

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- Cori

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