Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby 4 Week 10: If it wasn't for the bump...

Week 10

If it wasn't for the bump I would not know I was pregnant. Sometimes I'm cold when I shouldn't be, and I'm occasionally a little nauseated, but that's something I'm very prone to anyway. My appetite remains low but I've bee really good about making sure I'm getting enough calories and protein... and not succumbing to my chicken and stars or ramen cravings like I did last time. My normal diet for the day varies but I usually do plain Greek yogurt and berries or the green smoothie for breakfast; veggies and whole wheat pasta or homemade soup (I cook up a big batch every Monday) for lunch; and sometimes dinner is soup again... or quinoa and veggies... rice. I snack on nuts, fruit, dried fruit, more yogurt, cheese.... I haven't been eating much meat but I'm getting around 70g of protein a day which is pretty impressive in the first trimester! I've mysteriously lost 5 pounds... which definitely didn't come from my belly.

I have been really focusing on my back this week, and will try to continue to for the entire pregnnacy. I believe it was around 18 weeks that I had my big, mysterious back injury that landed me in the ER. I am determined to avoid that kind of back pain this time. I'm being sure to not skip my back exercises on weight lifting days, I'm sitting on a yoga ball when I'm at the computer, I've already started pelvic rocking, bird dog exercises, supermans (as long as I can lay on my tummy!)... and keeping up with my planks. I'm running, but less.... still dedicating the same number hours to cardio but trying to not run on concrete or for as long. My back is already hurting a little... and hopefully this all helps!

I got my medical records for 2 of my births, I'll write about them next week after the third arrives, which I'm told is on it's way.

What this week was like with my other pregnancies:
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- Cori

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