Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby III Week 41 + 5 Days: If You See A Nurse, I Went That Way

41 Weeks + 5 Days

I had lots of contractions after my massage last night. I walked up and down Alisal trying to keep them going. I pumped, bounced on my ball, had sex, walked... by midnight they weren't going anywhere so I took a hot shower per midwife's orders and went to bed. 

Woke up to lots of mucus, no blood, still very pregnant. I called Natividad and moved my noon induction to 9pm. The nurse called my back and said it had to be 6pm, someone else had 9pm. It was 10am, I had time and agreed. 

I spent the day pumping for at least 20 minutes of every hour and trying to not sit too much, or sit on my ball.   My blood glucose readings were perfect, making the decision to go in or not really difficult. If they were bad, my decision would be made for me. By noon I was thinking I might never go into labor. When I hear women say "I just don't go into labor" it drives me insane, and now I'm sitting here thinking it. 

Eric called on his lunch break and I asked him what we should do, what if the baby dies? I know shocking coming from me but my few years of education can only do so much against the massive weight of our culture's mistrust in our bodies and while I struggle back and forth, sometimes I start to succumb to it. That's why surrounding yourself with supportive people is so important. 

Eric reminded me that if this baby is supposed to die it's going to die. We are doing everything right according to our faith and our knowledge in birth. He said some other stuff and I honestly don't remember what, but it was comforting. It's weird how I come in and out of functioning right now.

At 3:30pm Eric called again. I told him he could call and cancel because I just didn't want to have that conversation. I said he could say what he wanted, whether it was truthful or not. He said he'd just say I was in labor already and that we'd come in later. 

Apparently the nurses did not like that and said I was very post dates. Actually, I'm not at all post dates, which is after 42 weeks. I asked Eric if she was going to come get me. He said she wanted to. I'm glad I didn't call. Eric gently held his ground.

I had wanted to take blue and black cohosh last night but by the time I could send Eric out Whole Foods would be closing. Eric picked up some black cohosh on the way home today and I'm on my second dose. I'm taking it every hour and so far I'm getting some good contractions. I wish they had blue cohosh as well, but they didn't. Black gets contractions going/makes them stronger, blue regulates them. Between the two I'm glad they had black.

Baby had a long episode of hiccups earlier and is just as active as ever. Kick counts are pointless, baby hits his/her quota in minutes. It's comforting knowing that baby is still strong and happy.

I am really struggling with my leg. Every evening the nerve in my right hip socket which I thought was linked to my sciatic nerve, my chiro doesn't think so, begins pinching. It is unbearable sometimes. That's my only real physical discomfort.

I told my girlfriend Amy that she should make a Never Ending Story parody for my pregnancy .. really, our pregnancies because she's never delivered before 40 weeks and I think had her second 10 or 12 days "over." I demanded choreography too. She did it, that's a true friend.

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