Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby III Week 41 + 3 Days: Got My Badass Back

41 Weeks + 3 Days

My midwife called yesterday and said she talked to my OB and he was calling me. He made it clear I could choose to refuse all of this but he wanted me to come in for a non stress test, biophysical profile and cervical check. I told him I would need to think about it and talked it over with Eric. We decided to go. My OB said he'd call ahead and let the on call OB know what our wishes were so I wouldn't have to explain them again... basically, what not to say to us.

We arrived at the nurses station and immediately they were shocked that I was over 41 weeks. They were nice, but all chimed in with comments about me being over due and baby being overcooked, to which I responded with a smile and a totally not sarcastic laugh and "oh some babies just need a little more time" and the smiles quickly disappeared. Tough crowd.

The nurse took us into our room and said "I don't think you'll be leaving, we will probably induce you tonight." I heard a dungeon door in my head.

"Oh, we are leaving, and we are not being induced, Dr. Chandler just wanted some tests run."

*taking blood pressure* "Oh you are gestational diabetic, we like you delivered by 41 weeks and you are 41 weeks and 2 days." pause for the weight of those 2 days to sink in, as if I hadn't heard I was officially dangerously pregnant.

BP: 144/97.

my normal is closer to 115/70

A nurse we had seen before and liked came in and laughed at the conversation she had just overheard and said she would retake my BP since obviously the subject matter had something to do with it. She started the machine just in time for a resident to come in and start another induction speech. I admit, I did not expect anyone to want to induce me right then. I knew they'd want me to schedule one, which I did, "Oh sure yes put us on for 9am Tuesday." ... so I can call and cancel on Monday... but I couldn't believe we came in for a couple tests and they were ready to hook up the Pitocin.

Baby looked great on the monitor. Nurses exclaimed "oh you are contracting!" I told them I knew, I've been in prodromal labor for 11 days, in my best "let's all be proud of my body" voice. The resident checked my fluid and I had plenty. Basically, the consensus was that baby and I were perfectly healthy. I held up my end of the agreement, let me out!

In came another OB, the one we saw 3 weeks ago that I really liked, "We really want to induce you now."


"Baby and I are doing great, so no, we will wait." And why do they always say "We want to..." Just to let me know they have me outnumbered?

I was still laughing and joking with them but was very firm. He said there are risks to continuing passed 41 weeks and I countered that there were very real and serious risks to inducing and at this point the risks of continuing the pregnancy did not outweigh the risks of inducing.

He said that my risk of stillbirth doubled after 41 weeks, which I knew was true for gestational diabetics. That is still only about 3 per 1000 births (1/1000 from 40-42 weeks in normal pregnancies). I didn't feel confidant enough to argue statistics and I didn't feel it was necessary, but I believed that as someone who was diet controlled this did not even apply to me, but wasn't positive. When I got home I confirmed. He was  not even addressing the risks of induction and exaggerating risks of normal pregnancy, a tactic that infuriates me. As a diet controlled gestational diabetic my risk of stillbirth is the same as in a term normal pregnancy. The risk of stillbirth is increased by poorly controlled GD wearing on the placenta. My vigorous baby and abundant fluid points to a very healthy placenta. There was no medical reason for an induction yet the pressure was being turned up. I now had 2 OBs sitting at my bedside but I had enough information on my side that I never wavered.

I suggested we check my dilation and maybe we will strip my membranes depending on how dilated I am. It was a compromise he seemed happy with.

Just before going in he said "you know, we could just break your water."

"I'll kick you in the head if you try to break my water. I want my membranes intact."

"Well if you want to avoid pitocin..." the resident chimed in.

"I also don't want to risk infection, and contractions are more painful after membranes rupture."

"It's an option."

"I know, thank you."

He turned to Eric and asked him to come hold my hand. I laughed and asked why. He said he was going to do a very vigorous strip. I told him a regular strip would be fine and he said he wanted to make sure he was thorough. It was fine, he said I was tough. There was no blood like in the past. I think he thought a little much of his stripping skills.

I was 4 cm dilated, 70% effaced and -2 station. I should have asked if he wanted to break my water based on those numbers, just to test him. A mother's water should not be broken before baby is at 0 station, but some OBs will do it anyway.

I think I exhausted everyone involved, but I wasn't aggressive! I told the nurse I like that I'm not here to argue with anyone, I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but we know what we want. She seemed to be the only one who got it.

I never mentioned I was a childbirth educator. I have nothing to prove, and really... how stupid does it sound for me to flaunt my credentials to doctors. We know how much more I know about facilitating normal, healthy birth than most OBs do, but trying to tell them that will win no friends and I'd like to keep my relationship with them as positive as possible.

I did wake up at 4am terrified of going back for the birth. I didn't leave upset, or scared, we held our own but it was a fight for our choices in the end. I have given myself the option to head over to Dominican if I feel uncomfortable with Natividad when the time comes.

The whole experience did boost my confidence and it was nice to confirm what I already knew, baby and I are healthy.

This morning I woke up with belly still very big, but a little lower. I think it's bigger first thing in the morning and I thought I'd take a picture while it's still here.

I kept saying this pregnancy I am posting mucus plug pictures... because I think they are fascinating. Making good on my promise. Went to the bathroom and there was just a little blood and plug. Nothing like last time, but enough to get a little hopeful over. Few contractions all day. Hoping it's the calm before the storm.

And in case you are tempted to worry about my poor deteriorating placenta and my weak, fading baby... here's a video of baby boy or baby girl getting some wiggles out before bed last night. Yeah I really don't think we have anything to worry about.


  1. Great post, Cori! I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself confidently, maturely, and intelligently. I struggle to stand up for myself confidently... maybe pink/purple hair would help me to be more confident ;)

  2. Cori,
    I found your blog from Mama Birth. Thank you so much for sharing your experience about how you dealt with the hospital wanting to induce. You are inspiring! I bet you make a kick ass birth educator. Hope you have a safe labor and delivery as soon as baby is ready.

  3. Thank you guys! This has certainly been a ride!