Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby III Week 41 + 2 Days: Cervix:1 Eric:0

41 Weeks + 2 Days

I had a bit of a mental breakdown last night, just being frustrated that I don't feel fully confidant in my decision to trust my pregnancy because I don't feel like I have enough support. My midwife is supposed to be consulting with my OB sometime in the next few days, hopefully they both feel good about things. Isn't it crazy how we need an expert to feel better about our own informed choices when we get to a vulnerable state like this? I guess I'm no exception. That's my only complaint, I feel much better today. It's really helpful when friends share "I was 10 days over," I was 8 days over," "so and so delivered at 42 weeks."

I do kinda enjoy doing the silly old wives tale natural induction stuff though. Last night we went out for a spicy meal. I really just wanted to go out, but since we just went out for Valentines Day it was nice to have an excuse. We decided to meet my brother and his fiance at Bubba Gumps. I asked what their spiciest dishes were. I got the jambalaya even though it really didn't appeal to me.

It was definitely really spicy. Eating it was like work. I made it through more than half then pushed it towards Eric. Then we set out walking around Monterey. I had only a few contractions. I got home and checked my blood sugar and it was 152! Way high for me! The sauce must have had tons of sugar. Seventeen dollars for something that didn't taste good and made me feel sick. Boo.

I checked my butt for that purple line. I have a pink line. No one said anything about that. I'm going to say the test was inconclusive.

I came out of the bathroom frustrated because baby feels so low, my cervix hurts, and my contractions feel so strong... something must be happening.

I told Eric he's checking my cervix.

He asked if he could check my butt line instead and said no, get in the bedroom.

He asked why he had to and I said because I couldn't reach, GET IN THERE!

Before you think I'm the weirdest girl ever, understand I come from a world where I know quite a few women whose husbands are fine with checking. I follow a website where boyfriends/husbands help document their girl's cervical changes with pictures (not for fun, for science). I don't think this stuff is weird and I'm totally desensitized to any weirdness. And it's not like Eric and I are not familiar with each other's bodies, we aren't shy with each other, so I don't think my demands were unreasonable.

We probably should have looked at a website on how to do this because now I'm trying to describe how to find my cervix using his hand held in a cylinder shape and I just keep saying "how do you NOT know where my cervix is?"

He keeps saying "I'm not asking you to check my prostate!"

Not a fair comparison, but it doesn't matter.. "I would if you wanted me to! Pay attention!"

Eric makes his attempt, like 2 seconds, "I can't find it." Gives up.

"It's in there! Try again. Where are you looking?"

He uses his nose to poke my belly, and I laugh so hard I have to get up and pee.

Right now I'm sitting here watching Safety Not Guaranteed while Eric works on some pressure points on my feet. Going to go for a walk after.

I wish I could have ice cream right now.

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  1. Two babies of mine were 10 days past. You are awesome! And my hubby knows how to check a cervix but I would never let him! Not my bag!