Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby III Week 41 + 1 Day: Probably More Than You Need To Know

41 Weeks + 1 Day

If I have it in me maybe I'll do some daily posts til baby arrives. Why not right?

This post will probably (definitely) be filled with some stuff you might not want to know... but for my braver slash birth obsessed friends.... enjoy.

No luck on getting Eric anywhere near my cervix... but sitting here I just remembered about the purple line trick! Have I talked about it here? I think I have. Basically as a woman dilates she gets a purple line up her butt crack. There's a picture here. I'm in a public place right now but as soon as I'm home I'm checking... stay tuned.

I forgot to share my Operation Get This Baby Out regimen. I'm on day 2.

1. Sex
2. Squats (sometimes combined with #1)
3. Breastpump while bouncing on the ball
4. Acupressure
5. Walk or squats (usually picking up toys)
6. Pump and bounce and acupressure
6. Sex
7. Walk

Tonight I might add eat a whole pineapple... even though that didn't work for me before.

My midwife said to rub castor oil on my belly... which sounds... disgusting.

I also wanted to share my weird foot with you. So over the last weeks this joint in my foot by my big toe has started sticking out more and more. It looks horrible and sometimes it hurts. Anyone ever see anything like this?

... and if you know where I took this pic of my foot... I'll buy you something there.

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  1. The purple line is fascinating! Never heard of that before...