Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby III Week 40: So what if we aren't ready?

40 Weeks

I really didn't think we would see 40 weeks again but here we are! I'm really happy, I have just wanted to have a normal pregnancy and while we've had lots of odd little complications, we aren't having to take invasive measures to end the pregnancy because of my health. So while many women become anxious as they near and maybe pass their due date, I'm just really grateful that we are able to allow baby and nature run the show. Healthy women, appreciate this luxury and don't get impatient!

I saw my midwife earlier in the week. She was pretty quiet while palpating my belly. She found him/her right where I thought she would, on my right side (not ideal, left is better) and then found the little head still floating. Baby hadn't dropped (still hasn't). She didn't say anything else so I finally asked about baby's size. It's of course a guess, just like with an ultrasound, but I still like to hear what she thinks. She thinks we have a good sized baby, over 8 pounds (which I expected), but baby is still floating around a lot, which is kinda weird for a big baby. Thinking baby is maybe chunky but not super long. Even though I knew it was realistic to expect to a biggish baby considering my track record, it does just send a down little chill of nervousness. I finally gave baby permission to go ahead and be born, lest we hit double digits again.

The next day contractions started.

All day Tuesday I had birthy feelings. Contractions here and there, a little mucus plug, but no blood. By the early evening if I was up and moving contractions were 5 minutes apart, spacing out to 15 and becoming more like back pressure than discernible contractions if I sat down and rested. Eric and I thought this might be it and were kinda nervous. You'd think we'd be anxious and ready to go but at every sign of baby coming we turn into deer on a freeway, "We are going to have another baby, I can't believe we did this, oh my gosh and it could be here any time!" We love our babies, we are excited to have another, but then I get a full night of sleep and I remember what it's like to change 20 little diapers a day and have milk leaking all over and... it all seems very crazy that that could be our lives again at any moment. It's really ridiculous that this is how we feel because it's not like we A. haven't done this and B. haven't had 9 months warning!

Anyhow, I took a hot shower, drank a bunch of water and sent myself to bed early. As I laid their baby decided it was going to take a tour of my entire uterus... it was excruciating! I had a hard time determining exactly where baby ended up but it felt like it went from Right Occiput Anterior (back on the right side of my belly, but facing in towards me spine still) to the center of my belly (got excited, I want baby to settle on my left) then pivoting weird and ended up Right Occiput Tranverse, so baby's back sticking on my right side. The pain took my breath away a few times, it was so uncomfortable. Baby must have settled because I finally went to sleep. I woke up every 2 hours uncomfortable, but no contractions.

(By the way, the ideal position for baby to birth in is Left Occipur Anterior. It's just easier fr baby to rotate out in the birth canal and they are less likely to turn posterior, aka sunny side up, which can make for a long hard labor. I wonder if baby's funky positioning had anything to do with the feeling that my body was trying to go into labor, but wasn't really getting there)

Wednesday was quiet, and today I have been sitting on the couch the last 2 hours timing contractions... when I remember to. Baby finally settled onto my left side... at least for now. I've had consistent, pretty real feeling contractions since 2pm, around 10 minutes apart. I guess we'll soon find out if we will have a due date baby!

I didn't think I had gained anything this week... I was quite surprised to see the scale up almost another 2 pounds! Somewhere around 42-43 pounds gained.

Not sure if I should say "thanks for following my pregnancy!" or anything like that because who knows... there might be a 41 week post. Well... til next time... either a 41 week post... or a birth story.

Happy due date to us!
Another just tummy pic!
The Bump says baby is a Jack fruit. If someone can find a Jack fruit then awesome... I went with an 8lb sack of potatoes... though that's a lot of wishful thinking on my part.

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