Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby III Week 38: Lie & Say Your Water Broke

38 Weeks

So if you don't count the trip to Labor & Delivery, this week was another fairly laid back, uneventful week.

But we kinda do have to count the L&D trip.

And there's a great peeing in public story here too.

On Thursday I again woke up feeling like I had the world's worst stomach flu. It has happened on and off all month starting a couple days after Christmas. I usually end up laying on the bathroom floor, too scared to stray more than a step from the toilet. It only lasts a couple hours though, then I'm fine. Well on Thursday it didn't stop after a couple hours, or thee, or four. And this time I had all the stomach upset plus pain and pressure in my back, which made me a little nervous. I talked to my midwife and a nurse at the clinic and both urged me to go to L&D. I very reluctantly called my daycare parents and sent our kids to my mom's and we headed to Natividad. (after I showered, washed my hair, shaved my legs, dried and curled my hair, put on make up, PACKED, had Eric put the car seat in the car, and took one last belly pic... just in case)

The whole time Eric and I just kept saying "we better not be having a baby."

We got to the hospital and I felt really awkward. I don't do pain and suffering well, I can be pretty calm and happy even in a lot of discomfort. Flash back to the Dominican nurse telling me I could probably go home and I likely was in early labor when I was actually working very hard, nearly completely dilated with a strong urge to push. I'm just not good at expressing my discomfort unless it's really unbearable. So we are explaining to the nurse why we came in and I feel like I have to justify it because I clearly don't look like I'm in labor or in pain. I feel silly trying to explain my pretty miserable symptoms but still being able to do it with a smile. The nurses were all really nice though. I changed into a gown and got hooked up to the monitors to check that baby was ok and that I was not in fact in some weird stealth labor.

I really couldn't capture how big the room is, or how bright. I somehow caught it in a dark moment. Anyhow, I'm a fan. I totally think one day women will be able to lug their birth tubs into these rooms. Hey, I can dream for our community!

No signs of labor, good news... we still needed to take maternity/family pictures in two days! I did... again... feel stupid needing a monitor to tell me if I was in labor or not... but it was good to just cover all the bases.

I didn't have to wait long for the on-call OB and like the nurses he was super nice. He did a quick ultrasound to check my fluid levels, something I was concerned about, and to check on baby. My fluid was 17cm, completely normal! Great news! He asked about my symptoms and said it sounds like when I first experienced them in December I likely had a stomach flu then and the good bacteria in my digestive system never re-established itself. That explained why if I ate anything a little challenging for my body, like dairy, I got really sick. He said to take some probiotics, even what is in yogurt is fine. He asked if I wanted him to do a cervical check and I kinda did... just to see what was going on. He found a nurse to be in the room and he said I was about 70% effaced and completely closed. I know most women nearing the end of their pregnancy would love to hear they were already dilated, and I know this means nothing, I could be closed today and in labor tomorrow... but it was just a little reassuring that I would hopefully make it through the weekend.

On Saturday we took our maternity pics. It was just me, Eric, the kids, and a tripod, no photographer. We went to Point Lobos and while it was challenging trying to wrangle kids with no help, we were pretty successful! Here's a few faves:

Pictures were the last thing on my list of things that absolutely had to happen before baby arrives, so I could relax a little. Eric is still a little nervous about having a new baby around and for most of the last 2 weeks he's barely wanted to give me a side hug let alone anything that might get labor going. You'd think 9 months would be adequate notice. He's getting over it now though.

Baby is feeling much bigger. I can feel him or her in my ribs and down in my hips. Unlike with Milo and Ash, this baby's movements can be really uncomfortable, sometimes painful. Baby has not dropped, but feels very heavy.

Many pregnant women worry about their water breaking in public. I never have really, but I can't imagine it would be embarrassing. I mean, it means you are having a baby, it's exciting! No one would react to a woman's water breaking with "ew" or looking down on her. Likely reactions would be sheer panic, because everyone knows babies are born after a woman's water suddenly breaks without warning, woman screams, blames father, and baby torpedos out of her vagina (at least that's what's on tv) or a rush to action... because... you know the whole torpedo thing.

The truth is, only 10% (or something like that) of women's labors start with their water breaking. I don't know if any studies have been done on this, but I'm sure there are many more pregnant women who pee when they sneeze... or cough...

Sunday, Grocery Outlet, chewing gum, choked on own spit, coughed, peed. Awesome.

I was stunned, and of course it suddenly feels like everyone is looking at you. What to do? I had a full cart of groceries and I just needed to make it through the checkout and to the car and I was good. There was no reason to go to the bathroom, damage was done. I could abandon my car and bolt out... but then I'd have to do the whole trip over. Mothers will understand.

I'm super pregnant, if anyone notices, I'm going to lie and say "oh my gosh... I think my water broke!"

Instant sympathy.

So, like a pro I went through checkout, normal small talk about the giant belly, and I walked at a normal pace to the car. Pretty sure there is a mommy merit badge for this. The things we give up for our children, like control over basic bodily functions.

I did kegels the whole way home.

I'm up to 40 pounds. I decided to do some bare belly pics this week since I hadn't... even if I'm super white.

Baby is supposed to be a pumpkin... I couldn't find a pumpkin... we'll be a pumpkin next week. We settled on a small watermelon. I'm not really listening to the average size estimates now, no way baby is under 7lbs and 20in right now.

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