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Baby III Week 37: If You Build It

37 Weeks

As a reverse to "If you build it, they will come," I'm hoping that if I prepare nothing, the baby can't come. Not that I'm not anxious to meet this little baby! I am! But I am enjoying being pregnant right now. I'm not looking forward to the jelly belly that I will have to wage war against in the coming months (years). We still need to take our maternity pictures! Eric is still working on our kitchen remodel. And... I like sleep. I got 14 hours one night... just because who knows when that will ever happen again. Likely another 2 years.

So, what have I done?

I washed 6 outfits.
I took out the suitcase.

That's it.

And this is what is happening with the suitcase currently:

I DID perfect my birth plan. I needed to cut it way down from what I originally put together for OB interviewing purposes (jump back to week 23 for that birth plan), and I did... by a page.

New birth plan... that's all I'm doing to prepare for baby this week... maybe I'll do better next week.

Gentry Family Birth Plan

– Eric Gentry         
Mother – Cori Lynn Gentry       
Due Date – February 7, 2012
Midwife – Jill Petenbrink- Dieme CPM, LM              

Obstetrician – Dr. Chandler

Thank you for allowing us to summarize our wishes for the birth of our third child. We are experienced in birthing naturally, we believe this is the safest method for the mother and child. Thank you for helping us in achieving our goals.

Mother’s allergies – Vicodin and latex

Labor Wishes in Stage 1

·         IV Fluids – We do not want to routine IV fluids.

·         Hep-Lock – We understand having a hep-lock in place is standard procedure and that hemorrhage or dehydration can complicate getting vein access in an emergency. We have successfully labored without a hep-lock in place and we prefer to not have one.

·         Continuous Fetal Monitoring – We prefer intermittent over continuous fetal monitoring.

·         Vaginal Exams – We prefer vaginal exams to be used minimally. If membranes have spontaneously ruptured, we may not consent to any vaginal exams.

·         Artificial Rupture of Membranes – We do not consent to AROM. If membranes remain intact in the 2nd stage we ask they remain so until the birth of baby’s head at which time the membrane can be removed.

·         Food and Liquids by Mouth The mother will eat and drink as she feels necessary throughout labor.

·         Pain Management – Please do not offer any form of epidural or narcotic pain relief during labor. Mother may accept pain relief if suturing is necessary postpartum.

·         Residents & Students – We welcome residents & students to see a natural birth in progress as long as they do not cause any unnecessary noise or distraction. Please inform us of who is a student, especially if they play any role in the birth.

·         Photography & Video – As long as is it does not interfere with the birth and there are no emergencies, we would like to have a close friend present to video tape and photograph the birth.

Labor Wishes in Stage 2

·         Pushing Positions – The mother would like to push in whatever position is most comfortable to her at the time. She prefers upright positions.

·         Mother Directed Pushing – The mother will push with urges.  The mother would like to be reminded to touch the baby’s head at crowing.

·         Episiotomy – We do not consent to an episiotomy. If a vacuum delivery is necessary we ask it’s done without an episiotomy.

·         Delivery – If the delivery is uncomplicated, the mother or father may like to assist in catching the baby. We greatly appreciated this offer by the birth attendant in our previous hospital delivery. We do not know the sex of the baby and would like to announce it ourselves.

Labor Wishes in Stage 3

·         Immediately Following Birth – We want our baby placed on the mother’s chest for skin to skin contact, even before the umbilical cord is cut.

·         The Umbilical Cord – Please do not clamp the cord until it has stopped pulsing.

·         Breastfeeding – The mother wishes to nurse her baby immediately.

·         The Placenta –We plan to have our placenta encapsulated, we have made arrangements for it to be taken within 3 hours of delivery.

Newborn Care

·         Rooming – We would like a private room. If our baby does need to be taken away for any reason, one or both of us would like to accompany him or her. We want our hospital stay to be as short as possible.

·         Eye Ointment – We would like eye ointment to not be applied until the end of the first hour after birth. We want erythromycin to be used, not silver nitrate.

·         Bottles & Pacifiers Please do not offer any bottles to the baby without parents' notification of a medical need. No pacifiers or artificial nipples please.

·         First Bath – We do not want our baby bathed.

·         Circumcision – If we have a son we will not be circumcising him.

Thank you for taking the time to help us achieve a natural childbirth for our third baby!

This is an extra page I attached:

In The Case of an Emergency Cesarean Section
Gentry Family Birth Plan

Our goal is to birth our third child naturally, but we understand that sometimes emergencies happen and if any of these allowances are possible, we would like them considered. Thank you.

Mother’s allergies and special needs – Vicodin and latex.

Wishes In Case of Cesarean

·         Any monitors with volumes that can be turned down, please do so.

·         Mother would like IV placed in left hand or arm by an anesthesiologist. Mom has small veins and a fear of blood and needles.

·         Mother would like warm blankets during surgery.

·         The father will take pictures and may want to video tape (capture first cry) once the baby is out.

·         Mother would like her arms free during surgery.

·         Please lower the curtain/lift baby so the father and mother may discover the sex together.

·         If baby is doing well, please bring to mother for skin to skin immediately. If this is not possible for mother but baby is doing well, bring to father for skin to skin.

·         If baby needs to go to the NICU, the father will go with baby.

·         We will plan to vaginally birth our next baby, please reinforce the mother’s uterus.

·         We will be taking our placenta, please do not discard.

·         Please discuss all medications with the mother before administering them.

Thank you for taking the extra time to consider our wishes during what may be a scary time for us!

I'm up 39lbs. I'd say I hope to get to share a 38 week post, but since I'm nearly a week late on this one and 38 weeks is tomorrow.... I'm pretty sure that won't be a problem.

Famous last words right?

So... baby is supposed to be a winter melon... whatever that is, according to The Bump and according to What To Expect it is swiss chard. We are going to go with romaine which is not that far off from chard right? 19in and 6 1/2lbs...


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