Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby III Week 36: Not Even A Simmer... I Swear

36 Weeks

This week is scaring me. I don't even want to tell you about it because I'm sure I will become a watched pot.

Oh... gross stuff ahead.

I don't feel like this baby is coming soon. My blood sugar has been great, so I don't think I have an induction coming around the corner. I don't feel huge. Baby doesn't feel super low. I'm sleeping fine (except I'm STILL rolling onto my back in my sleep - hate that). I'm not tired. I'm not over it and I don't feel ready to pop.


There's the contractions... and some are pretty pinchy.

 And the mucus... lots of it...

 The lower abdominal pressure...

 Lower back pressure...

 And that feeling that something is going to drop from between my legs if I'm not careful.

 And that thing when your body decides it needs to totally clean out pre-game, accompanied by lots of fun cramping...

Did I mention mucus?

 So... noo big deal... just a lot of stuff that heavily resembles my pre-labor symptoms... that usually lasts about a day. I've made it 3 now... I'm sure it means nothing.

 Everyone go about your business... nothing to see.


 There better not be.

 Belly compare this week? I think yes!

36 weeks pregnant with Milo.

36 weeks pregnant with Ash

36 weeks pregnant with Baby III
I think I'm bigger.

So I grabbed a spaghetti squash for this week. Baby is about 18 1/2 inches long and  5 3/4  pounds.

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