Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby III Week 35: Hydramnios. It's Not a Comic Book Villain.

35 Weeks

The last few weeks seem to be getting gradually easier. Perhaps I've just convinced myself that this is easier than a newborn that may or may not sleep. I guess I don't mind peeing a few dozen times a night and holding my breath when I put on shoes. Over all I'm not all that uncomfortable, and other than a few high numbers when I caught a virus at the beginning of the week, my blood sugar has been right on. Baby has been leaving my ribs and lungs alone and I'm not out of breath all the time. Though he or she does seem to enjoy punching my hip socket, I could do this for a while longer. Sign me up for a few more weeks.

I had an appointment with my widwife this week. At 35 weeks and 3 days I measured 40 weeks. Baby, however, feels about average sized, I just have a lot of fluid. We didn't do an ultrasound so I'm not sure if we can officially confirm, but it's possible that I have hydramnios again... or excess amniotic fluid. It is associated with gestational diabetes and can cause potential complications like prolapsed umbilical cord (when the umbilical cord drops into the birth canal where it can be pinched, cutting off oxygen from the baby,  placental abruption (when the placenta separates from the uterine wall before it should, causing hemorrhage, and due to the uterus being over stretched and exhausted, postpartum hemorrhage, which I've experienced twice now. Knowing that I already have so much fluid makes me a little nervous, but I'm hoping that my levels even out. I was up exactly 40lbs when I had my appointment, a shocking jump, but slowly over the week I slipped back to 37lbs gained, so perhaps my OB appointment tomorrow will reveal a bit of a fluid drop.

I've had a few comments about whether I'm over this pregnancy... and I'm really not right now. I'm feeling good, maybe a little too good. I don't feel like baby could be here any time, or even this month, so I haven't prepared a thing for him or her. I'm daring myself to go into labor early.

Lots of ligament pain in the belly area, but over all feeling good!

Baby is a coconut this week. This was the biggest one I could find but I don't this it's quite big enough. Baby should be around 5 1/4 lbs and a little over 18 inches. I'm sure mine is probably bigger though.

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