Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby III Week 33: Then I Died.

33 Weeks 

These should not be me complaining every week about being pregnant posts. I like being pregnant. I like feeling my mystery baby kung foo my tummy and wondering who this little one is. And who doesn't love not having to suck in your tummy at holiday parties or trying to fit into yet another pre-baby dress that may never fit, or fit right, again? Though, it just happens that sometimes... between the moments of glowing pregnancy bliss... the baby tries to destroy me.

Heartburn made my cry for the first time this week. I spent Christmas on ice because I over extended an already loose ligament. A few times I've literally thought I tore something in my abdomen while trying to get out of bed. All of these are pretty normal, or at least I understand why they are happening. What has me glued to google looking for answers are these episodes where I get incredibly nauseated and start blacking out. All I can do is lay on the bathroom floor and hope I don't puke all over Eric's legs because standing up near the toilet is not an option. Also accompanied by diarrhea, can't leave that out. It lasts an hour or two, I just pray for it to be over or to die... or to go into labor so that this won't happen again... then I'm fine. Exhausted, but able to function somewhat normally. I haven't fainted yet, but that feeling of almost blacking out and coming back is awful, like I'm dying every time.

Of course I'll be talking to my midwife and OB about this, especially because it's happened more than once, so it couldn't have just been food poisoning or something like that. I think it could have something to do with my intestines being squished, I did have dairy every time this happened.

Baby is really growing! It's felt like just a squirt up until this week. I think baby may have Eric, Milo, and Ash's big feet, that's what I feel the most, these big feet sticking out of the top of my uterus. I'm always telling Eric to feel them, it's just so crazy that that's one of our kids in there!

I'm up 34 pounds. Haven't gained much over the last 4 weeks or so. My blood sugar has been great, even if I have a cookie or ice cream! I haven't been feeling sick or dizzy like I was, which is nice.

Merry Christmas from the rapidly growing belly bean!
This week baby is supposed to be the size of a durian fruit... but I have no idea where to find one of those so I found a honeydew that is the same size. Baby should be around 18in and 4.5lbs

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