Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby III Week 32: Let's Just Keep Doing This.

32 Weeks

I started this post (ok, just wrote the title) at the beginning of my 32nd week and it was going to be about how amazing I feel, I'm getting tons of sleep... why would I ever be anxious to to have this baby? I was in this not getting why moms ever get impatient thing, don't they (and past me) know you don't sleep after the new baby is born? This is great, let's do this forever.

I'm sure I doomed myself the moment I thought that, now I feel awful. The last couple days I'm suddenly feeling like I'm having lots of blood sugar spikes even though my "bad" numbers are still only like 114, and on average are closer to 90. Sometimes after I eat I feel sluggish and irritable and like my blood is molasses. Spikes induce panic attacks occasionally too. Feeling bad sucks but I'm also concerned as to why I feel so bad, because it doesn't make sense. I did run out of floridex, my iron supplement, but Eric just got laid off and it's super expensive so I'm not sure when I'll get more.

Baby is as active and wiggly as ever... I can kinda grab his or her foot sometimes. He or she was laying mostly transverse but I think baby has been mainly head down the last could days.

Nothing gained the last couple weeks, still holding at 33lbs.

You know how I'm doing this fruit thing? I'm starting to regret it. Apparently 31 weeks is a pineapple (really?) and 33 weeks is a mysterious boob like quash:

What is that? I have no idea where to even get that. So since I missed 31 weeks I did the pineapple.

Pineapple... or something...
Guess what next week is...

WHAT IS THAT??? According to The Bump it's a durian fruit. They are just making fruit up now.