Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby III Week 27: Bigger in Texas

27 Weeks 

 Sorry this post is a bit late, I've been busy becoming a Birth Boot Camp instructor! I flew to Texas last Wednesday and passed my certification test! It was fantastic... I will post more about it later, but right now I'm pretty internetted out. I spent most of the day (the parts not caring for babies) working on my BBC instructor website. I'm using WordPress and we are having a rough start... I'll get there though... onto preggo stuff.

Traveling was really hard on preggo me this time... my hands and feet started swelling a lot from the flights and sitting in the workshops for long periods. My diet was very off... I had some caffeine, splenda, chick-fil-a... my body was just totally freaked out. I started getting heart palpitations and panic attacks and I spent probably a third of my trip in a bathroom. I swear to never even look at caffeine again. Coming home and eating normal for a couple days has been so nice.

I saw my midwife this week. I'm measuring 30 1/2 weeks, and baby sounds great. My blood sugar and blood pressure have been perfectly normal as well.

I'm up 25 pounds. I blame Texas, it makes everything bigger right? Something like that. I've kicked up my exercise, now that I'm not spending every free moment studying I can spend a little more time getting my sweat on :) Even if it means tons of debilitating braxton hicks.

Adios second trimester!

Baby is supposed to be a rutabaga this week, but I didn't have one handy so I found something about the same size (13-14in). Tastes better too :) 

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