Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby III Week 26: An Almost TMI Post

26 Weeks

Sixth month complete... and it decided to go out with a bang. My body is seriously malfunctioning and it's kinda amazing. I considered going through every disgusting detail, but I leave for Texas in about 6 hours and it's almost midnight... so you guys are all being spared only because I need to sleep... but a preview of the future TMI post should symptoms continue:

I live in the bathroom now, and it's always an emergency.

Epic acid burps that are ruining my esophagus and teeth and life.

Speaking of teeth... bloody swollen gums.

Mucous, in grosser ways than you'd like to imagine.

Stretch marks with stretch marks.

Swelling, not the feet this time.

Nose bleeds, because why not, right?

BH contractions that lead to the first issue on our list here.

I'm up 25 pounds. I will fill you in a little more next week... or the week after since my next post will likely be from Texas :)

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