Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby III Week 22: Mid-pregnancy Nest Fest

22 Weeks

I'm on turbo drive and it's a fantastic change of pace from beached whale drive.

I decided that the bathroom neeeeeeeded to be remodeled before this baby gets here... most importantly, that it's demolded. It's gross, there's mold under the disintegrating sealant in the shower and the moldy walls are literally crumbling into the tub below. We typically would take on this job ourselves, but with Eric working so much there is no time, so we called Skip Wilcox at 3W Builders. I know his wife, they are super cool people, and I like giving business to cool people whenever possible.

So Skip comes out and we show him the bathroom, and decide as long as he's here, we'll show him the kitchen which needs to be done some time in the future. About 5 minutes into the conversation I decide the kitchen has to be done now. Like... can we demo tonight? It really makes perfect sense, my daycare is down to one kid until December, I don't have a newborn, the project should take 6 or so weeks...

I also show him where we want to move the laundry into the hall from the garage... it's If You Give a Cori a Cookie all over again... and yes I was pregnant when I posted that one... and yes I got my new front door.

Skip leaves and I'm pumped, because seriously, our oven could burst into flames any day now and occasionally our range actually does. Eric is less so.

Now I'm the more frugal one in the family, so don't start thinking I'm one of those wives that goes crazy with my husband's money. Last night I had a significant meltdown in Costco because our tv broke, it would be $400 to fix it, and Eric said it would be $500 to get a new one of the same quality. So I think, new one for just $100 more, duh... Eric hears "new" and goes for the $1500 tv, which is his reasonable compromise tv by the way... He's shocked I'd consider the $500 (it's actually $599, so he falsely advertised it to me) tv and make us "suffer with a shitty tv" for another 7 years, I can't believe he wants to spend $1500 on a tv, which we have zero time to watch anyway, and does not serve any kind of truly important role in our family esp when we have an oven in menopause that seriously cannot make it through a batch of cookies without a hot flash. That tv is an oven and a half of a new fridge!

We are getting the cheap (cheaper, I don't think $600 is cheap) tv.

Back to after Skip leaves though. So Eric is skeptical over doing the kitchen, he is the one that sees our bank account after all... and he also is the only one who has seen it since we bought his new car (2008 Prius! Just in time for gas to hit $4.50). We went over what we have saved and I think we have a plan. Normally we try to pay cash for everything, so we take out of our savings and then replenish it, and since Eric should be working for a while, that should not be a problem. However, things happen, and I can see why he is concerned with taking out too much so I think to be super safe we are going to get a loan from our credit union, which should thrill the loan guy there because he loves Eric, he even stops him at Wal-mart to talk to him. Eric's charms are irresistible to all.

So now we are both happy and I can satisfy my need to prepare my nest. Some women paint and hang curtains, I rip out walls. It will be awesome.

In the meantime I am cleaning like crazy. I was cleaning in the garage until 1am. We are having a garage sale this weekend, purging is a big part of pregnancy for me.

So I think I'm up 4lbs from 20 weeks, kinda following the same pattern as the last pregnancy, it's not awesome but considering that I was training for a 10k last time and right now I'm not doing much more than walking, I feel good that I'm not gaining more. I guess no matter what my body just wants to gain in a certain pattern, which is kinda interesting.

Baby is a papaya this week. Fun fact, there are different kinds of papaya and some are very, very big. That's what Eric came home with... did he really think the baby was that big already? I should have held them both up so you can see the difference, but you can kinda tell how big the small papaya is, that's what I'm holding, then the comparison pic.

It's about newborn sized. Both are disgusting by the way...

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