Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby III Week 20: Halfway & Why this birth will destroy me

20 Weeks

Halfway! Woo! Ok that's all on that.

I have a secret... or maybe I don't because according to Eric I keep retelling him things like I've been thinking about it for a long time and I'm getting the guts to tell him, like big "honey, let's talk" kinds of things... only I've done it two weeks ago... and again two weeks before that. So, if I mentioned this before, just humor me like I'm your senile grandmother, it all feels fresh to me.

This birth is going to destroy me, I'm sure of it. I don't base any of this on the pregnancy so far, or the baby, or anything like that... but this has to be the hardest birth any woman will ever endure because my last one was too good, and I feel irrationally good about it, and I actually lull myself into this feeling that birth isn't so hard, it's really fun, and I'm looking forward to it. I felt the same way about mothering Milo. He was such a joy, what was wrong with those tired, frustrated mothers? ...enter Ash right? I feel like this birth will need to bring me back to reality the way Ash did. If not, awesome, party in labor and delivery! But I'm fully expecting this to be brutal. God knows I get cocky and it might be about time to regulate. I accept it.

I've been really trying to focus on my nutrition since I really can't workout much with my back (which get's checked out by a chiro tomorrow). Protein as always is very important, but it's always a challenge for me. Smoothies with spinach, banana, peaches and greek yogurt have been a staple. Lots of eggs, at least two a day. Meat still makes me gag most of the time. My weight held steady this week even though I only went on a walk one day (and really had to rest on my heating pad after!), so hopefully I can control things using food. And thank God for pinterest... omg... I would starve if I didn't have that for meal ideas.

Some stuff I'm eating:

Breakfast every day: eggs, cheddar cheese, butter, homemade honey wheat toast. Protein: 23g. 

Yep, totally into the green smoothie trend and I'm not apologizing for it. It's SO hard for me to get veggies down AND keep my protein up, this is a great way to accomplish both! Greek yogurt, spinach, peaches, banana, ice... sometimes other fruit. Protein: 15-20g.
Natural peanut butter on homemade honey wheat bread. Protein: 11g. I often have this with my smoothie for lunch (19g protein). So meal total 30g, really good for a girl that's not eating meat!
My friend Jasmine's taco chili. No idea how much protein, but it has ground turkey and kidney beans, probably an ok amount. Super good.

So here's my belly this week. I thought I would do another three pregnancy belly compare! 

20 weeks with baby 3!
20 weeks with Ash!
21 weeks with Milo, I actually weigh the most here, but I think my belly is the smallest.

So baby is banana size, 6.5inches... but it must be a much smaller banana than what I have because that looks a little big!

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