Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby III Week 18: The NYC Edition

18 Weeks

Very crazy week for baby and me! Last Friday Eric and I flew to upstate New York to *hopefully* attend the birth of my friend's fifth baby. I am required to observe two births as apart of my Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator certification, and yes flying to New York was a little extreme (I know people give birth in California too) but I knew if it worked out it would be a fantastic birth to attend. I also wanted to visit my friend Erin in the city before she graduated from NYU this spring. We caught the birth (which you will get a whole post about later), got in some great sight seeing time, and spent a wonderful evening with Erin and her girlfriend! This was my second time being in the big city with a big belly, pregnancy definitely adds to the adventure!

When we were last in NYC I was six months pregnant with Milo. Eric's band was on tour and I was tagging along. We were only in the city for a night, which I thought must be garbage night, just our luck! Apparently luck had nothing to do with it, every night is garbage night in NYC! There are so many people and therefore so much trash that while neighborhoods rotate on who puts trash out, it seems no matter where you walk you will be sharing the sidewalk with huge piles of odoriferous black bags. Between the garbage, the hobo pee, and gross halal food carts on every corner... I was in pregnant super smell hell.

I thought we would get tons of sleep while on vacation since we were going without the babies (without the already birthed ones at least). Not the case. Thursday we got two hours of sleep as we had lots of preparations for the trip and had to leave early, 3am, to catch our flight. Friday I got two hours of sleep again, but it was for the best possible reason, lending support to my laboring friend. Saturday was the best, six hours, Sunday was also about 6, but we had to wake early to go to a birth rally. Monday Eric and I got in a fight and because I have to talk out any conflict right away, we got four hours of sleep. Tuesday... we got two again, we were up late catching up with Erin and Amy then had to wake early to catch the subway>train>flight back home. Crazy for anyone, but when I'm tired and gestating I do a lot more crying and everything is about a bazillion times more serious than usual, basically I'm a toddler. There were some scenes (navigating the city with an unclear map is the best marriage therapy ever), but like a toddler, I typically forget and move on quickly.

The birth rally we hit Monday (Labor Day) was so cool! It was great seeing other like minded men and women with a heart for informing women of their choices and improving birth outcomes (maternal/infant mortality rates) in the United States. It was not by any means a protest, everyone was friendly and encouraging. We only stayed for a little while but I'm glad we went!

On Monday I felt the baby move with my hand for the first time, that was very surprising! I was laying in bed talking to Eric with my hand resting on my tummy and I felt sometime move, not like a kick, more like rolling over or shifting. I felt it one more time but baby wouldn't preform for daddy.

I just started to experience back pain. Right now actually, I'm laying on my stomach on the couch typing this because sitting is too painful. I haven't been doing many core/back strengthening exercises and I am definitely feeling it.

I haven't touched a hair above my knee in over a month, honestly, the world is lucky I've even bothered shaving at all. Bending over is awful, this baby is so high I immediately feel like I can't breathe and the pressure is like putting gasoline on my already blazing heartburn fire. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and I will have to do something about this ridiculousness as there will be a full exam and such. I will let you know how it all goes... not the shaving... the appointment. I'm very curious where she measures my fundus at because I feel it's at least even with my belly button, if not a little above!

Belly pics for 18 weeks. No way I'm stepping on a scale right after being on vacation, so no idea if I've gained. Baby should be about 5in 6cm, sweet potato sized, but since I did't have a sweet potato on hand while on vacation I grabbed a little plate that was about the same size.

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