Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby III Week 16: Curds & Weigh

16 Weeks 

 I've been avoiding the the scale a bit. I decided that I needed to come face to face with what this belly has done to those 3 digits that I so obsess over I about fainted. In two weeks and two days I gained 7 lbs. Dude. That's 11 lbs since conception. I have to preface this, in case you've forgotten, I DO NOT believe pregnant women should obsess over their weight. I don't believe obstetricians should give their clients an acceptable number of pounds to gain. Honestly, if you are pregnant I think you should go ahead and put that scale away until you wean your baby. However, considering my history of gestational diabetes I knew that rapid weight gain can mean that I'm already diabetic, which I should have another 10 or so weeks before that happens. So I talked with my midwife, I went through my diet and I went ahead took at almost all the dairy (something I do respond negatively to when I'm diabetic) and I had been cheating a little with russet potatoes, granola, and fruit, so I took that all out too. Today I did slip down a pound and half since Saturday. I went in for a blood test yesterday (prenatal panel plus A1C) so we will find out soon what this all means!

I am finally adjusting to Eric working in San Francisco AND being a very sleepy preggo. Eric gets home around 5pm, I feed him and the kids (and daycare kids), last daycare baby is picked up at 6:30, Eric is in bed by 7:45 or sooner, kids in bed by 8:30 and honestly, I'm beat by then. When am I supposed to hit the gym? A few days I've been able to squeeze in a run or swim between 6:30 and 7:30. I think I can do this two or three work days then go to bootcamp Saturday and do something else on Sunday. I have to get over my usual routine being thrown out the window, I really miss hitting either the 6am or 5:30pm classes though!

I'm finally sleeping again! Yay! Not sure why, hormone shift, eating a little more during the day? I'm just happy to not be waking up from 3am-5am every day!

Baby is SO so soooo active. He's on one side kicking away and then he's clear on the other side of my belly going nuts. I've never had such an active baby so soon! It's kinda crazy! Oh I learned something interesting this week!

I was researching the Brewer Diet which is basically a high protein, no sugar, no "white" carbs, no processed foods and I read to not use protein shakes because they can make the baby grow bigger than normal. I thought that was interesting because I also noticed that when I am diabetic my blood sugar goes up when I use protein shakes even though they only have 1g of sugar and 3 carbs. I think it's the whey. Dairy seems to always cause some kind of issue with me, why does it have to be so delicious? We really need to break up permanently... unless he promises to never do it again.

 Here's our 16 week pics. I realize my outfit didn't create the best contrast. Baby is avocado sized... mmmmm... makes me want chips.

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