Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby III Week 15: Put a Potato... Where???

Week 15

I met with a licensed midwife this week, in my home, while five kids napped. SO NICE! It may sound like this is the wrong reason to choose a midwife that attends home births and there should be some deeper more emotional side to my decision, perhaps an epiphany, a previous traumatic experience, or a stand against the medical system. However, I rather see women consider seeing a midwife for mundane reasons like mine because that's a sign of women recognizing that a good midwife in your home can provide the same quality (personally, I think better) of care than an caregiver in an office and it's really no big deal. I think every informed reason is a good reason, but it would be wonderful if choosing a home birth or a midwife wasn't fringe birth behavior that needed to be defended with a horrific hospital birth story or a special enlightenment... and it was just a super normal birth option that all women considered or was at least aware of.

My first consultation with Jill was great. I had been up since 3am that morning (as with the two days before, yay pregnancy insomnia) so I was having a hard time remembering my questions and showing how excited/interested I really was. I wish every pregnant woman would see a midwife JUST ONCE so they can see how different the depth of care and attention is compared to most 15, maybe 30 minute prenatal visits with an obstetrician. I need to work out some insurance stuff and get some blood work done then I will have my first official prenatal visit and I will be sure to share the details with you all.

I'm not feeling quite so tired, but I'm suddenly getting lots of heartburn, I don't even have to eat anything, let a lone something spicy! I took tums a few times and it didn't even help, quite shocking considering that I barely took anything with my last pregnancy and when I did it was much later on. Milk doesn't agree with my tummy and I would just like to keep medications to a minimum, so I was excited to see some herbal suggestions in the book I am reading right now, Heart and Hands: A Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. I took down the suggestions, even texted one to my pregnant friend Kristen who is also experiencing preggo heartburn in all its glory, but coping med free. Then I started to wonder how much I should trust this book because their suggestion for hemorrhoids was inserting potato slices into your rectum... so... maybe I'll get a second opinion on those herbs. I wonder how many midwives that have suggested the potato thing have gotten phone calls from angry pregnant women with potatoes lost in their butt...

I'm super obsessed with chicken and stars soup. I'd eat it for every meal if I could.

I *think* I'm feeling this baby, but it's really weird. I'm feeling little pokes and swishes, but they are much higher than I should be feeling them, about even with my belly button. Also, I will feel something on one side, then very soon after on the other, which doesn't seem right. Hoping baby feels more normal and obvious soon! I hate wondering what I'm feeling. I've had a couple times where I thought I felt some Braxton-Hicks as well! Too crazy.

Went maternity clothes shopping and bought a couple cute tops, sweaters (everyone who doesn't live in Salinas is confused, it's cold here!) and a pair of jeans... even though my regular jeans fit they aren't quite so comfy anymore. I think wearing maternity clothes makes me look much more pregnant... but I don't think I can totally blame those elastic waist bands, there's definitely been growth this week! I can very clearly feel my uterus and I think I'm gonna be a little more pointy bellied than with the boys, or higher... something... see look:

So baby three compared to...

Pregnant with Ash (a few days more pregnant)

And pregnant with Milo, super low.
So comparing is kinda interesting, maybe all the core strengthening stuff I did this spring/summer are like holding me up and in more? Maybe not, high is supposed to be girl right ;)

Baby is about 4 inches, the size of an orange, it's kinda cool to physically hold something the size of the baby every week!

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