Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby III Week 14: When life gives you lemons, note that's about the size of my baby right now

14 Weeks

Week 13 complete, whatever rule you go by to determine that you are in your second trimester, at 14 weeks I am now definitely in mine!

Last week I had my first appointment with my midwife at OB-GYN Associates of Santa Cruz. I came prepared to play a one-sided game of 21 questions... I've seriously complied the craziest list of labor and delivery questions over the last few months... like:
"If I need an emergency c-section, what kind of stitch will be preformed?"
In case you are wondering too, at Dominican you will get a double stitch, which is safest but more costly so some insurance companies encourage OB's to preform singles. Priorities.

We got through a few questions but the babies were mid meltdown so we jumped to the belly measure and heartbeat listen. Though I'm measuring right on, she still asked (this will be the 5th time) if I was SURE I didn't want an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. I know it's a standard (profitable) procedure, but it's a standard procedure that goes against the recommendations by the American Institute of
Ultrasound Medicine:
"The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believe that the use of ultrasound without a medical indication is inappropriate and contradicts the responsible practice of medicine... Although there are no confirmed biological effects on patients at the present time, the possibility exists that such biological effects may be identified in the future. Therefore, the AIUM recommends that ultrasound should be used only when the patient's physician indicates that it will provide medical benefit to the patient." 
I stressed that I am positive of the conception date because I was charting my cycle. I tested at 14dpo (days passed ovulation) and got a negative and tested at 18dpo and got a positive, so I could not be more or less pregnant except by maybe a day or two. My first trimester has followed a completely by the book progression and now... I just measured exactly right on for 13 1/2 weeks and I'm still being pressured into an unnecessary procedure that at this point in the pregnancy could provide little useful information. I held my ground and I was told to make an appointment for another prenatal and a pap in two weeks, which I felt was a little soon, and I didn't want a pap while pregnant (my cervix is providing an important service, I really don't want to piss it off). On the way home I brainstormed other prenatal care options.

I decided that a midwife that attends homebirths and does prenatal care in the home was what I needed. I wouldn't have to close my daycare for appointments, but most importantly she would be less likely to push unnecessary tests because she isn't bound by what the OB's in her practice require (out of obstetrical habit). And she would not be profiting from any tests she ordered. I started asking around and found a certified nurse midwife, Jamie. We chatted on the phone and she sounded fantastic, I was ready to make an appointment, but then she suggested a licensed midwife that she often works with that is located much closer, right here in town. She specializes in natural induction and lives in Africa with her husband (who is an OB) for most of the time, but she will be in Salinas until February.

I called Jill right away. I felt just as much of a connection with her than with Jamie. She said that she had no problem with providing prenatal care in my home then I could go on to deliver in a hospital, she had actually delivered all her babies in a hospital. She also mentioned that she had seen my posts on facebook, and she was the masseuse that attended Sam's birth. Yay for cool connections. We have an appointment this Wednesday!

As for how I'm feeling... good! I haven't made it to the gym this week, Eric working in San Francisco has been a little rough. I have 90 minutes from my last daycare baby getting picked up and the boy's bedtime, and I go to bed soon after they are down. However, I refuse to use the "no time" excuse and will have to figure something out this week. My official first trimester gains were 4 pounds, which was the max I had given myself permission to gain... as if I could control it :)

On my way out to buy maternity jeans... which add about 6 weeks of pregnancy to my bump... just wait til next week's pic!
Lemon baby! Fake lemon actually, this is a lemon juice container.

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