Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby III Week 13: 13 Miles & Dumb Drowning Turkey

13 Weeks

This week I completed my first half marathon as a gestating runner! Not only did I finish, I destroyed last year's time! I was 20 minutes faster and felt fantastic all the way through! I had been nursing some injuries the week before, what I think is the beginnings of plantar fasciitis (feet feel bruised along the bottoms, walking is difficult, running is laughable) so I taped up my feet and that awesome pregnancy pain threshold pulled through for me. I didn't realize until after that I had run 13 miles at 13 weeks pregnant, kinda funny. I finished in 2 hours and 28 minutes, here's some pictures from the day!

Baby's first race!

On the first day of training we wrote our goal times. Our coach handed back the papers to us the night before the race so we could carry them with us!

So happy to see Eric, and the finish line, almost there!

Runners high for sure! Could not believe my time! And that I still felt pretty good!

I got so many great comments and encouragement from other runners when they noticed the sign on my back! Wish I could do all my races pregnant!
Friend, Sybil, not only did her first half marathon but killed it at 2hrs and 11min!

Dani also took over 20 minutes off her time this year! Lots of smiles at the finish line! Great race, I was thinking running just wasn't for me this week, so feeling back into it now!

After the race I was feeling pretty nauseated, but this was my only free Saturday afternoon until mid September and my hair needed to be re-pinked. As soon as I get a little tired I immediately revert to zombie mode and do stupid things and can't function. Being that I ran the race on only 4 hours of sleep (thank you pregnancy insomnia) I was more than a little tired. At one point when Robin was washing my hair I realized I had been staring at the lights on the ceiling the whole time and now could only see floaties. Ever hear about how domesticated turkeys stare at the sky when it's raining and drown themselves? That's how dumb I feel. I ended up going home with color still in my hair because I was worried about my ability to drive if I was having problems not staring into bright things. I got home and napped instead of rinsing, so my hair turned out a bit brighter than usual. Love it though!

Love you Robin!

Today I have my first midwife appointment! Kinda freaked out, I haven't really felt pregnant this week, other than being tired and not being able to eat a complete meal, oh and a little heartburn, I no longer have that constant nausea, I can't really feel my uterus clearly, and no kicks... so part of me is wondering if I'm even pregnant... so weird. No weight gained this week, I'm actually down a little. Baby is about the size of a peach!


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