Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby III Week 12: Pressure Cooker

12 Weeks

I'm finally not feeling so gross, I think I'm coming out of the first trimester yuckies and might get to enjoy the downhill coast of the second trimester now. I've been running more (23 miles since my last post), made it to kickboxing and boot camp this week, and while I'm stoked to be getting more active, it's coming just a week before the Salinas Valley Half Marathon and I did not reach the level of fitness I expected to achieve... but I also didn't expect to be pregnant. Right now I feel like I can run the whole thing, based purely on how pumped I am and not at all on a realistic evaluation of my abilities.

So the tummy is poking out a bit more, but I'm wondering how much of it is baby related and how much is out of control appetite and slightly reduced activity level... and cherrios... related. Despite working out almost every day this week I'm up another pound, and lived in leggings and yoga pants all week. I did get brave and put on jeans this weekend. They fit, but they weren't happy about it.

I know I said I'm eating better and working out more, I totally am, but my diet is still far from the pristine, perfectly planned out menu it was before. Facebook has been my worst accomplice when it comes to cheating. A friend posts about grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich and I'm making it immediately.  I've made mac & cheese 4 times in the last 2 weeks... I think that's more than I did in the last year, all become someone's pic reminded me that it existed. On Friday someone posted about KFC (which would normally make me gag!) and I'm sending Eric out at 10pm. All I could think was that this fetus is a fat 40 year old bachelor sitting on a couch scratching his hairy belly and he just thought "mmmm chicken." I'm sure I just simultaneously ruined chicken and pregnancy for myself and everyone... but it just had to be said. This is my least health conscious baby yet, I take zero responsibility.

Keeping an eye on my blood pressure still, and I'm still having those heart palpitations... which coming off my food confessions I'm sure makes it seem like it's all my fault, but I get them and the high bp readings even when my diet/hydration is perfect. I'm still using these high readings to extra motivate myself to keep my diet under control, I started using again to track my food. My high readings have been like, 149/98 (one from last night) but then today I was 125/82 and 117/62... so I think I'm going to have to just keep monitoring it to see if I pick up a pattern. It's so early, I don't like seeing most of my readings over 130/80, and esp not so close to the 150/100!

Oh and cutest thing ever? Both Milo (2 years 9 months) and Ash (16 months) say "baby" when I ask what is in my tummy, and Ash is obsessed with lifting my shirt and poking "baby." Love it.

Getting round, having the round ligament pains to prove it!

Apricot bebe.

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