Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby III Week 11: No Tequila With This Lime!

11 Weeks

I swear I can feel this baby. Honestly, I thought I could at 9 weeks but knowing that I shouldn't be able to I told my self it was a gas bubble or something, and with my intestines blown up like balloon animals that seemed like a likely answer. With Ash I thought I felt him at 11 weeks, but decided that I couldn't have. Well, last night I was laying in bed and felt a little swish and poke on my very lower left side of my abdomen, which is where I've felt all my babies first. I laid there holding my breath forever (probably made the fetus faint) telling myself if I felt something twice, then that would make it real. I didn't so I'm not going to make it official and whip out the baby book (ha like I have one), but something to note. We had just gotten home from a wedding, maybe baby was all energized from all the dancing mama did on the dance floor!

I'm experiencing some pretty intense insomnia. I get to bed fine, then from 2-4am I wake up and can't get back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. I'm not uncomfortable, the reason often given for pregnancy induced insomnia, I think it's hormone related. I feel like my adrenaline is up and I can't calm down. I'm not upset about everything, it's just my body malfunctioning or something. Babies should not be allowed to keep you up at all hours before they born, cruelest part of pregnancy for sure.

I had heart palpitations most of the week, I ended up calling my family practitioner to get my blood pressure checked and it was a little high, 132/78. I like to be around 114/60. Considering how much I'm running I felt my heart should be in better shape, though my diet has not been fantastic. I also know that I'm not drinking as much water as I normally do, and I have a cold, so my doctor said it could be dehydration. I'm trying to drink more, if they keep up, I'll have to get a blood test to check my sodium and potassium levels.

So pregnancy first. I've never gained weight in my first trimester, usually not until 18-20 weeks. Well I gained 2 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I'm not super freaking out, I did start this pregnancy weight 10 pounds less than my last and 20 pounds less than my first, but because of my blood pressure and blood sugar issues keeping my gains in check is important. Gaining around 4 pounds in the first trimester is normal, so if I don't gain more than that by 14 weeks (shouldn't!) then I will be ok.

Oh and nausea is subsiding! Yay! I've only thrown up twice but the constant queasiness is no fun.

Here's our 11 week pics! Baby is a lime, mommy is a watermelon.

Baby's first wedding!

Mmm margarita... or pie... or both...


  1. I gained more in the beginning with Ansley than with either boy.

  2. Did you end up gaining more over all or evening out?