Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three out of three tests agree...

... we are about to become out numbered!

We've been planning to get pregnant this fall. I've been carefully charting when I ovulate and such and writing it on the calendar so I remember when Eric is off limits... basically will power has been our birth control.

So... I'm pregnant. Going to go ahead and give will power a 0% success rate for us.

Knowing about our digressions around mid-May I knew to test June 1st. Negative. Tested Saturday after a fantastic nine mile run... juuuuust in case. Negative, totally in the clear, on with life and a vomit free summer! Monday at the track I am falling over myself exhausted. Not only do I feel like the slowest, fattest thing on two legs (not true, there's at least two people slower and fatter than me), but I feel like I might puke at every turn, and collapse in it. Confused, I press through, finish, and head home. I open the door and the stench of rotting seal hits me in the face. I throw open every window, yelling at Eric about a dead seal and start hunting it down. I also text one of my pregnant daycare moms and ask her if my house smelled like a dead seal. She told me to pee on a stick. Boom. Two lines. Damn.

I'm stoked about another baby, hell, I hope it's two! But with two half marathons and a big backpacking trip in northern California planned this summer, I need to be 110% June to August...not a pitiful smear on the bathroom floor. I had also made some fitness breakthroughs and had finally busted through my six month plateau (total 63lbs lost since delivering Milo), I was really looking forward to what I would accomplish in the next couple months. I guess what I will be accomplishing is creating a whole person with just the power of my uterus... whatever right?

I will still be running one of the half marathons in August... while building a human... someone should design an awesome race day shirt for me that will cleverly notify other runners that I am puking because of the raging sesame seed in my uterus, not because I'm too fat too run. You have about six weeks, do it!

I debated whether to blog this pregnancy as the others. Turns out I suck as a mommy blogger. My kids are amazing. Milo is 2.5 and hilarious, way too smart for us, but I'm sure the things he does are not that amazing to everyone else. Ash is 15 months and is basically a giant baby still. He's adorable, you want to see his pictures...

Out of control cuteness.

...but do you really want to hear me talk about how he's still not walking and still eats two or three times a night? No... you want to hear about what horrifying new thing my body is doing during this pregnancy right? I've just decided that my pregnancies are more interesting to write about, everyone wants to talk about their kids... no one wants to talk about puking in the CVS water fountain... so lets do this yeah?

Um, I'm 6 weeks, 5 days... I'll check in Thurday at 7 weeks and we'll get on a schedule. You are so excited!

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