Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby III Week 8: Lion Baby

Week 8

Lets just address the pink elephant in the room right off... yep... new blog name (AND new url so if you link to me, please update the link, sorry and thanks!). In other forums I've gone by Pink Ink and I just think it's more me, and that's always a goal in my writing, be me.

Interesting transition now that I've hit enter down to the next paragraph because me is really the last thing I feel like right now. I feel very conquered by this little one. I referred to Ash as zen baby a lot when he was just a belly bean... this baby is an African lion and I'm a near dead gazelle. My daycare parents ask me if I'm alright a lot, even when I think I look ok, guess the exhaustion is showing through.

I did manage to run 10 miles last Saturday though! Four bathroom stops were needed but still, not too bad considering how I feel. I haven't ran since, but hitting the stationary bike and elliptical a little.

I was up a pound this week, first time I've ever gained in the first trimester I believe! Clearly I am not puking enough.

I was talking to my mom about how cold I was all the time. She said I was last time and I said no, I'd remember this. Ha... apparently not: Baby II Week 8: Ice Ice Baby. It's funny how everything that happens is like a fresh new surprise, anyone else experience this from pregnancy to pregnancy? I wonder if this is a side effect of your brain cells shrinking with every pregnancy...

I decided to do something different and take a belly picture every week instead of every four weeks. Can't have too many preggo pics as far as I'm concerned :) I wonder if anyone has ever done one every day, if that's out there send me a link, that would be so cool.

Our sweet little baby is now the size of a raspberry!

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  1. I don't know if you have seen this or not - but someone did do a photo every day recently and put it into a video