Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drops of Encouragement from the Leaky B@@b

Yesterday Ash had three bottles in addition to his eight nursing sessions, that's the most times I've had to supplement in a day since he was born five months ago. For the past two weeks I've begun to feel really discouraged, my supply has once again become a stuggle. It's so confusing for something so natural and neccessary to be so hard.

This morning I woke up to this blog post by the Leaky B@@b in my news feed, and it was just the encouragement I needed. While Ash is no longer a newborn, it was a good reminder of how much wisdom God has put in those tiny little bodies. I was feeling frustrated and disconnected from Ash, and beginning to feel impatient with our feedings. Babies know what they need. When the first mother held the first baby in her arms there were no doctors, no books, no experts, no articles, no statistics, and no advice. Just a woman listening to her baby and responding to his needs. This post is a good reminder that mommies and babies didn't just happen, we were designed.

For mommies trying hard to understand:
Baby Explains - Normal Newborn Behavior

Ash, 5 months old

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