Monday, June 6, 2011

Toddler Milestone: Coloring on the Wall, Status: Acheived

When Eric finished painting our newly retextured walls I knew there would come a day when we would be scrubbing crayon off them. I know Eric didn't think our children would ever do anything so destructive, but as someone who has spent most of her adult life caring for young children, I know if there is a child and a crayon in the same room... that crayon is going to end up on a wall.

To save our perfectly painted, not scrubbing friendly walls from toddler destruction, crayons live in the sun room where there is only wood paneling (classy) and glass. However, last night a crayon somehow stowed away into the living room, and with Eric and I sitting just feet away, it met wall. I thought that when this finally happened I would be mad, put Milo in time-out (which we've never used) and firmly scold him so he would never do it again. That's not what happened.

I laughed, but tried to get out a stern "no no." I got the camera and had Milo stand next to his art work, he was so proud, I just couldn't help myself. If he was a more rebellious kid then maybe I would have been more stern, but he's the type of little boy that will usually burst into tears at a disapproving look from me. When I do discipline him over doing something off limits, like climbing on the hearth, he never does it again. So hopefully he doesn't draw on the wall again... but getting that moment of him being so proud of his work is worth having crayon on the wall.

I've included pictures of the artist and his work, plus you can get a bonus video of Milo showing off his sweet vocab and artwork HERE!

So... who knows how to get crayon off walls... seriously...

Milo is 19 months old.


  1. Mr Clean Magic Erasers. It got permanent marker off Logans dresser :)

  2. Tried it on a little spot, takes the paint off the wall. Those things are great for getting scuff marks off doors though!

    Read read something about using dish soap and a blow dryer...

  3. Dude, Crayola makes washable crayons now. They're WONDERFUL. I know, I know, too late this time, but seriously. Get them.