Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby II Week 34, 35 & 36: Pregnant Women Should Come with Warnings

Oh this is pathetic of me, another 3 weeks gone and again no blog. Sorry, no excuse this time really. I have gained around 28 pounds, quite the jump! I am experiencing a little swelling in my hands and feet, but my wedding ring is still holding on for dear life. I'm currently obsessed with milk and peanut butter.

Let's just start deep I guess. I'm not an angry person, but I don't believe I care about other people's feelings as much as I maybe should, and how what I say will make them feel. That's normal me. Pregnant me should come with a warning. I think it's only fair to at least alert the public that with every week I have less patience and care even less about other's feelings. I nearly chased an annoying insurance guy out of the house with a frying pan last night, I opted to hurt his feelings instead. Maybe the Surgeon General will come out with a warning for me to wear.

As long as we are all focused on how I feel and my opinions, I have another to share. As we get closer to having this baby I'm having more and more people suggest we have sex to get labor going. I get this a lot, and usually I laugh and say "oh that's not a problem for us," or something like that... but after hearing it SO much it finally got Eric and I thinking, is everyone giving up sex in pregnancy and just going back at it again when necessary? I'm now officially annoyed by the suggestion, because it implies we aren't getting it on already and unless your doctor has strapped an "out of order" sign around your waist (not that you would have a waist at this point) why wouldn't you be? Eric and I have brainstormed and have come up with nothing. So... WARNING: If you suggest we have sex (which is like suggesting we breathe) I'm going to assume you don't have a healthy sex life, pity your husband, and I'm sure other judgmental thoughts. I also may spontaneously share too much information about OUR sex life. Just a heads up!

Enough with annoyances, lets talk baby!

We met another midwife at the practice and we love her. She is laid back, attentive, has a sense of humor and looks like she washes her hair. I approve. I had another ultrasound and the results were not spectacular. With the sudden weight gain (8 pounds in 8 days) and struggle with my blood sugar, I thought there was a good chance that I was no longer carrying an average sized baby. Mother's instincts for the win! He measured over 7 pounds at 35 weeks, average is closer to 5. My amniotic fluid levels are also high, very high, which I also half expected. I still insist that in a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy we should not be making weight estimates and talk induction without serious cause, but once again I'm having to accept I am not having a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy... but at least I'm coping far better this time!

I told my midwife we were doing a natural childbirth refresher course on March 19th and she laughed at me and said "Oh you are having this baby before then." Last time I would have been upset by the idea of trying to have the baby before my body decided it was time, but right now I feel ok about trying to nudge labor along. But this time, NO pitocin. If we can't get him to pack his bags and move out through stripping my membranes, herbs, and other non chemical forms of induction, I want to wait it out. My midwife thinks it will go well though, we are looking at inducing at 38 weeks. My cervix is very soft, I'm 1 cm dilated, and baby's head is very low, she was touching it during my exam. Unlike before, I'm feeling really good and relaxed about this, and that alone should contribute to a more positive outcome!

In the meantime, I am still hitting the gym for turbo kickboxing, walking daily, and taking the awful herbs my midwife suggested. I'm taking black cohosh, partridge berry, and black haw 4 times a day. I put it in tea... it tastes like bourbon and Aqua Net hair spray... Mmmmmm.

Now, pictures!

34 weeks, 21 pounds gained.

35 weeks, 25 pounds gained. Heading to the gym.

omg right?

36 weeks, 23 pounds gained.

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