Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby II Week 31, 32, & 33: Gateway Drug

I can't believe I have lived without a home computer for over a month and have lived to tell of it. The Geek Squad did finally send it back after 4 1/2 weeks and $550 worth of repairs (covered by the warranty) but there is still some kind of flaw in the programing. So you will have to bear with me and deal with 3 weeks worth of pregnancy rants and raves with no pictures... I know it's basically like homework.

Let's see if I can even remember back 3 weeks. I had my first meeting with one of the midwives in the practice we chose. It was kinda uneventful. She just came in and said she hadn't looked at my medical records so she had no questions for me. I had no questions for her really, so she just lectured (nicely) on how I am not allowed to do anything but nurse the new baby for two weeks postpartum (probably not going to happen) and I made an appointment to see her again when she had looked over my records.

Between appointments I had another ultrasound with my old OB and my last appointment with him. Great news! Baby is measuring AVERAGE now! There is actually a chance I could have a normal sized baby. I don't 100% believe it, but knowing it's at least a possibility is reassuring. He is also head down, right against my cervix, facing my spine. Perfect launch position, but worst cute ultrasound pictures position. All we could see was a little hair on his head and some scrotum. Neither worth posting.

I finally got the official term for my funky placenta. It's called velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord, so it's mostly a funky cord, not placenta. Normal placenta/cord: cord attaches to middle of the placenta, is covered with a thick gelatinous substance called Wharton's jelly that protects it, and travels directly from placenta to baby. My cord is attached to the membrane (the water bag the baby is in) and then travels to the placenta through the membrane where it has no Wharton's jelly and is therefore vulnerable to rupture if it is too close to my cervix. It then runs into the side of the placenta, and for some reason created a little off shoot mini placental lobe to the side... just to complicate things further. This abnormality is found in 1% of pregnancies. So that's all the technical stuff. For me, it looks like it won't be a problem because my placenta and the cord is all at the very top of my uterus.

My last appointment with my OB was wonderful. He said that if for any reason I felt I was in an emergency situation (water breaks before 35 weeks, bleeding, etc) that I could still come into Memorial and just ask for him. That's nice, because most OB's will wash their hands of you if you change over practices and just be a bitch about the whole thing, but he understood why I wanted a different birth environment, wished us well, and made sure we understood that he would still be here for us. It's nice to know that if something does go wrong, I have him as a back-up plan.

I then had my second midwife appointment. It wasn't much more impressive. I'm surprised she never asked me what kind of birth we were planning for. Since Eric was able to come this time, she took the opportunity to lecture again on the importance of me doing nothing after the birth for at least 2 weeks. We just nodded and smiled. If Eric is offered work the day after the baby is born, he's going to take it. He went back to work the day after we got home from the hospital with Milo. If I feel fine, I will have my daycare kids coming back right away, I was working again right away with Milo as well. I am not the first woman to give birth and then function, but there's no reason to fight her on the issue. We see a different midwife in the practice (it's normal to rotate) in 2 weeks.

As for the gestational diabetes, my blood sugar was perfect until week 33. Suddenly I was having random spikes when I shouldn't, evidence that I am not controlling my sugar well enough on my own and may need insulin. Whereas my number one goal before was to not get gestational diabetes, now it's to not need insulin. Insulin means I can't have a midwife, I have to have non stress tests at the hospital 2-3 times a week, I have to have weekly appointments with the OB I end up with, and I have to stick a needle in my stomach several times a day. All bad. I admit I was not being perfect, and by that I mean I may have eaten a couple brownies and some ice cream one night after obsessing over brownies for several days. I had cheated a few times before though and my blood sugar was slightly elevated but not passed what was considered safe. This time it took over 24 hours to get my blood sugar under control and I felt awful that whole time. The doctor said it's because your blood get's thick. Gross. I was in the 140-170 range that day and there are people who walk around all the time in the 200-300's. I could not function. There are lots of meals that were fine before, that I can't handle now, it's just my hormones and placenta making things worse. So now, when all I want to do is lay on the couch and eat, I have to increase my physical activity and be even stricter in my diet. It's cruel really.

Now I am doing all I can to avoid temptation. I was eating a lot of hot dogs. I know, GROSS! But for some reason I was liking them for 3 or 4 weeks there. But hot dogs made me want corn dogs, so I bought some corn dogs. For several weeks I had no problem with corn dogs but now I do, so all dogs are officially out. Pudding too. Seriously, pudding is my gateway drug to everything chocolate and delicious. I think I can handle 1 sugar free pudding cup but 1 turns to 2, and 2 turns to 3, and 3 turns to a whole sheet of brownies. It makes me feel safe with chocolate, and I need to understand that for the next 7 weeks, I am never safe with chocolate.

The only perk to all this is that I'm gaining no weight. I have been at between 19-21 pounds gained for around 5 weeks, so that's good! Last time I think I was around 30 pounds gained and I weighed at least 15 plus pounds more than I do now. Over all I feel ok. Not too heavy or sore. I definitely cannot workout like I did. I tried to whip out a hitch kick in kickboxing last week and couldn't move for 48 hours after.

By the way... I really can't believe we are having another baby in like... 7 weeks. We should probably start preparing or something.

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