Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby II Week 28: Win/Fail/Win...

Eric and I are without a computer for the next 2-4 weeks, so expect sporadic pregnancy update postings... not that I've been particularly consistent lately.

28 is a huge week... it's the week I've been working towards for over a year. From the day I got the go ahead from my OB to drag my flabby postpartum bod to the gym and every single week since (since Jan 3rd '10 I've missed only 1 week) I've been thinking about week 28 and that damn glucose tolerance test.

I was told that I would probably get gestational diabetes again, unless I lost 80 pounds. Holy cow, ok. Well I lost 50, close enough. I've gained 19 pounds as of today which isn't awful, I've exercised and dieted and did everything the diabetes gods told me to do. I went into the test feeling good. I quickly did not feel good anymore, the draw was a disaster. The lab I typically go to (because they let you leave during the test) had been taken over by another and they had new phlebotomists. I was comfortable with the ones the other lab had. I am very difficult to draw from and the techs there could get my one and only, tiny, rolly vein in one stick every time. One stick is crucial. Try to go for two and I may not be conscious for it.

The lab had just moved in, they were actually hooking up computers and phones still. The woman at the front desk looked (and sounded like) she would be better suited as a checker in Walmart than any place you might find medical professionals. She told me I had to stay so I replied loud enough for the manager looking guy in the back to hear, "that's ok, can you just get me directions to the closest Lab Corps?" He quickly said I could leave during my test (win) which she had a hard time comprehending. He had to repeat it several times, slowly. Perhaps she needed a translator. I chugged my juice like a pro and returned in an hour. As usual I broke into a cold sweat as soon as it was draw time, however I have never passed out for a draw. At the dentist, yes. Hospital, you betcha. But miraculously, never for a draw. We headed back and much to my horror, the woman that I thought was a mere receptionist was the phlebotomist doing my draw. Oh God.

I gave my "I faint, this is the one usable vein, if you aren't sure you can hit it don't try, I don't want to see the blood" speech. She missed the vein, proceeding to talk about how hard it was to hit, finally did, but it was too late, I knew I needed to get out asap. She left the viles of blood out right next to my arm, continued to talk about the draw until I snapped "stop talking now." And we left. I ended up passing out in the car, poor Eric. He had to put up with my panic attack (they are embarrassing) and then me slumping over, creepy open eyes and all (also embarrassing). No seizure though, so he got out of that one!

So my dramatic draw could not just end there, but it had to tack on a punctuation mark in the form of a fail. My blood sugar was 152, well over the 129 max. Failed my glucose test. Damn. GD again.

No flip out this time though. Last time I really felt like they had made a mistake, and this time I just accepted it and got to work checking my blood, which has been perfect. I haven't gone over once except after I ate a chicken sandwich and milkshake. My numbers were so perfect that I thought "maybe the test was wrong this time" and wanted to test my theory. Blood sugar jumped to 166. To put that in perspective, after you gorge yourself on a massive Thanksgiving meal your sugar might reach 120... might. So I definitely have gestational diabetes but because my diet has already been basically a diabetic diet, and because I'm already working out, it's been completely manageable. Other than having to bleed 4 times a day nothing in my daily routine has had to change. This is actually kinda good, because now I HAVE to stick to my diet for the next 12 weeks, if I had avoided GD I might be tempted to give myself the next 3 months off as a reward for a job well done. This way I have to keep up the hard work which will be better for me and baby in the long run.

Oh and another little win, the doctor I am seeing for my GD is spectacular and ultra rooting me on to have a natural birth. It was great to be in a doctors office and have the doctor be throwing around words like "doula," "midwife," and "natural" around. Very encouraging, and it made me actually feel really hopeful that we can still achieve our goal of a natural birth this time.

So week 28 finds me quite positive. I feel pretty good physically, experiencing a little shortness of breath once in a while, but over all I don't feel "huge." I also don't feel like I'm gaining everywhere like last time, I just have this hard beach ball interrupting the middle of my body. It's not horrible... haha famous last words.

Here's my 28 week belly, 19 pounds gained. PS, I'm growing out my bangs, what do you think?

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