Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby II Week 27: The 10k Post

This week I somewhat completed my goal of running a 10k. I say somewhat because I didn't end up running the whole thing. I heard the route was "hilly" but what they should have said was "a hill, the route is a hill and you might die before the downhill."

I started the race in the port-a-potty, because even if the gun was going off I had to pee and I knew I wasn't making it 6.2 miles on a full bladder. Let's face it, at 6 months preggo I'm lucky if I make it from the car to the house on a full bladder. Anyhow, fortunately the crowd was slow moving at the starting line so we joined the group and quickly started passing people. I saw my Godmother in the group and slowed to say hi for a bit, then we picked our pace back up. Feeling good.

The good feeling was short lived as we began to head up what was more like a hiking trail, not something I would consider race material. We zigzagged up and the higher we got the louder my complaints got. Feeling pretty pitiful for doing so, I had to walk for a bit just after mile one. Some chick had the nerve to say to her pre-teen daughter, very loudly, "honey remember last year, when you ran this WHOLE hill and didn't stop!" If I could at the moment, I would have sprinted and pushed her off the trail and into the gully or river or whatever was over there. Instead I just thought evil thoughts.

We picked it back up and finished the hill which lasted for somewhere a little passed a mile and a half... I thought it was two but according to our GPS watch thing it wasn't. We should just say it was two. So after the longest hill ever we reached some glorious downhill. I was pretty unhappy with my performance on the hill so my morale was a little down. No one had yet commented on me being pregnant, so I was completely convinced everyone thought I was fat.

We had a long period of pretty easy running. We kept up a decent pace, but I think we were already far behind many of the 10k runners and once the 5k runners turned back it was pretty lonely. Just us, some old people, and a fat guy. We had to at least beat the fat guy.

I was huffing and puffing and red as a tomato but I still wanted to stop and take a picture by the ocean, thinking it would take only a moment, but our camera freaked out and I watched like 10 people pass us. I flipped out and screamed at Eric to forget it and get running as if A. I was going to win this, B. I had any dignity to preserve, C. anyone else cared that I came in 577 instead of 587. Then Eric had to pee so he stopped, then I had to pee so I stopped, then my baby toe started wearing a hole in my other toe so I stopped again to bandage it before it sawed through and I bled to death.

Once we got to the next water station and I saw that the volunteers had left... I panicked... we were going to be last.

We hit the last loop and another one mile hill. Damn. I walked a lot of it, but we could still see that fat guy and we were not going to let him beat us. It started to rain, I considered finding some meaning in it, then decided that was really lame. At some point we ate fat guy's dust, not sure how he got away from us. Scooter maybe? Started running again, no more stopping.

The end was anticlimactic. They were packing everything up (though we were NOT the only ones still finishing so I thought that was rude) but we were still able to pass over the little electronic thing. We finished in 1 hour and 37 minutes. I was not impressed with us and neither was anyone else. Someone asked if I was pregnant and, puffing up my pregnancy glow, I said that I was 6 months. I waited for that all day. Unmoved, they replied, "A few years ago the woman who won was like 6 months pregnant." Typing this I'm thinking of new awful things to say to that person, but at the moment I had nothing.

So that's it. If you want to see our stats, our GPS puts them all online for your viewing/mocking pleasure. It's kinda neat to see the route and the elevations and such, check it out here.

Oh and what about my pregnancy. Nothing new. I'm up to around 16 pounds gained and feeling just a touch puffier than I was last week.

Here are some pictures from the race, and some 27 week belly pics from just before the race. Sorry about the photo quality, like I said, our camera was having issues.


Middle, soon before I started yelling:

Just after the finish line:

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  1. I give you a lot of credit, Cori! Good for you. Even if you didn't finish how you'd imagined, I think it's still something to be proud of - especially at 6 months preggo! :)