Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby II Week 26: It's Called Labor Not Picnic

Week 26! We had our 6 month appointment this week. I left pretty confused. I didn't have many questions, just one: how am I measuring? I know it's not an exact science, but I don't care, I'm curious! Well my OB measured my belly and said "28 weeks, right on track!" What??? No I'm 25 weeks and 3 days... but he didn't really say anything in response. So I guess I'm measuring big still, he didn't seem to think much of it. My blood pressure was great though, and I'm gaining at a reasonable rate so that's all good!

My vague appointment did light a little fire under me to go ahead and get that midwife I've been wanting. We decided to take the tour of the hospital we want, and then ask the tour guide what midwife/practice she personally liked and why. So glad we approached it this way! First off, the tour was amazing! Our tour of the hospital that we delivered Milo at was pretty awful. We were shown the room, where the baby would be taken to right after birth (didn't mention handing baby to mom) and then the nurse did her best to ignore questions, answer them as vaguely as possible, or respond as rudely as possible, perhaps to discourge the asking of more questions. You can relive my frustration here.

Well this was nothing like that! We met in a big conference room and were given packets of information, waters, and teddy grahams. I'm pretty much sold after the teddy grahams. The packets even had information on cloth diapering. I love these people even more. Our tour guide comes in and she isn't a nurse, but she is one of the lactation consultants and childbirth class instructors. She goes to work right away answering questions (I have quite a list already written down). I think I sighed like 20 sighs of relief. It was like she had my birth plan, and was reading from it word for word. Everything she said about birth was positive, joyful, and encouraging, and still realistic. All of these SHOULD be associated with birth! When talking about pain management, her only comment was not "don't worry, you can get an epidural" and that's it. She opened the topic with "It's called labor, not picnic" and we all laughed. I love when we can have a sense of humor about labor! She told us about all of the tools the hospital provides to help us cope with labor. Actually, it felt like a lot was centered around that: how the hospital can help the mother. I loved that! And it didn't feel fake, she had a genuine love for the miracle of birth and so did the nurses! Quite a few of the nurses actually used to be home birth midwives. When we met them we could tell they were happy to be where they were. Even with EVERY room full (it was a full moon!) and babies popping out left and right, every nurse had a smile on her face and many were joking back and forth, nothing like the unwelcome feeling we received from our first hospital.

Apart from the atmosphere of the hospital (positive, low intervention, encouraging), the facility itself was great! They have a level 3 NICU so God forbid anything goes wrong we don't have to be flown to Stanford. The NICU doctors all teach at Stanford and the nurses were trained there. The rooms are also much bigger than what we experienced before. In the recovery room you get a full sized bed, not a hospital bed, so nice! There's nothing like trying to climb in and out of one of those awful contraptions with a mattress sized pad shoved in your undies and half a dozen stitches in your pink parts.

So basically... we loved it, AND we came home with a great recommendation for a midwife! I've already had my medical records sent to her and I am anxiously waiting to hear if she will take me on!

Here are some tummy pics from Christmas day, 26 weeks. I think it looks like a photoshopped in a belly, it doesn't feel like that's me. Weird.

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