Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby II Week 25: Brainstorm on Why I'm Not Miserable

If you are pregnant, feeling awful and praying for that glorious day when you are once again a human being and not an incubator, you might want to skip this one because I feel fantastic and feel like talking about it.

When I was baking Milo I was pretty miserable by 25 weeks. I was uncomfortable, swollen, had horrible acid reflux, wasn't sleeping well, had a hard time shaving my legs or painting my toenails, had no energy, had a hard time eating anything that wasn't peanut butter and jelly, and was pretty darn close to wanting to quit. Ask Eric, I was very whiny and annoying. But right now I feel like I could stay pregnant forever and be happy as a clam, though I would like to meet my baby so I will go ahead and give birth to him, but I really feel amazing! I experience a little joint pain in my ankles and hips when I've been on my feet all day or towards then end of/after a long run, and every few days I have a flutter of heartburn, but nothing compared to last time. I should just sit back and enjoy it, but I can't help but wonder WHY I feel so different. Feel free to brainstorm with me.

It could be just because this pregnancy is different. "They" (doctors? experts? moms?) say that every pregnancy can be different and your body just responds to it differently. So that could be it I suppose, but what an unsatisfying answer.

It could be that exercising has kept me stronger and my body can better cope with the changes. Since I was working out before maybe I lost more abdominal fat around my organs so everything isn't squished and I can breathe more easily and have less heartburn. Maybe the exercise just makes me feel better about my body since I am proud of what it continues to accomplish, could be psychological.

Or it could be that after growing a 10 pound baby to term, suffering through gestational diabetes, finger pricks and insulin shots, giving birth to said 10 pound baby and somehow healing (still can't believe stuff just... fixes itself), breastfeeding, being slightly sleep deprived, then beating my body into losing 50 pounds and living through it all to not only tell about it, but want to do it again... I could just be tougher. Maybe I'm desensitized to the discomfort.

Those are my ideas. Hopefully it's not random. Hopefully if I do everything I've done so far the rest of my pregnancies are spectacular. And I know I still have 15 weeks to go and that leaves plenty of time for things to turn miserable, but I'm staying positive. And baby Ash is staying VERY active! He makes my whole belly jump and shift. He is so strong, feels so big, and is just amazing. I'm excited to find out how I'm measuring at my next appointment.

I'm up another 2 pounds this week, so I've now gained 13 pounds. And as promised, here are some belly pictures for you to enjoy! There's a bunch. I sucked it up and posted bare belly pictures. They aren't pretty, but not everything about pregnancy is.

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